By: Major Burdock | 04-05-2021 | Opinion, Studio
Photo credit: Cullen Hoback | HBO

'Q: Into The Storm' Review (And NO, The Director Isn't Q)

Burdock gives a brief review of Cullen Hoback's HBO documentary "Q: Into the Storm." Jim and Ron Watkins will discuss the series on "The Ship Show" at 6am Pacific on The Tiger Network - Where free speech orders a cocktail and hits on the waitress.

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8 Comment/s
Richard Rice No. 95511 2021-04-06 : 17:22

The story is horrible and doesnt say much of anything

Beezo No. 95513 2021-04-06 : 19:19

^^ this.

Anonymous No. 95515 2021-04-07 : 01:29

Very well done
It’s obvious it’s you Ron .......I don’t think anybody ever expects you to admit it
Love that smile at the end of episode six😬

Ron is hot No. 95516 2021-04-07 : 03:46

This ^^^^^^

Anonymous No. 95520 2021-04-10 : 09:10

This ^^^^^^

Ron is My Dad No. 95522 2021-04-12 : 01:29

I can't find Tor3 or anywhere where Ron discusses the doc. Anyone have a link that works?

Anonymous No. 95523 2021-04-13 : 06:48 not tor3, Ronson.

Sammi No. 95574 2021-05-13 : 11:50

I concur - Ron is hot. I wonder if he's into tall, sexxi Anglo girls... :)

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