By: Philip | 06-01-2021 | PedoGate, Opinion, Studio
Photo credit: Twitter | Onision

Onision Docuseries Reveals YouTuber's Years of Grooming

Gregory Jackson AKA Onision has been known in some circles as a narcissist, groomer and abuser for over a decade. After part 3 of the Discovery+ series Onision in Real Life, YouTube demonetized the YouTuber. A fourth and final segment features first hand testimony from the youngest known victim who had moved in with Onision and his mate by the time she was 15.

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Anonymous No. 95607 2021-06-09 : 17:10

Philip, I spoke with your mother Barbara for an hour and a half last week, and she told me about the molestation when you were a kid...

According to your mother, you allowed it to continue happening, and never stood up for yourself or tried to fight back...

And here at this late stage of the game, decades later, you have suddenly become a spontaneous self entitled "AVENGER OF CHILD MOLESTATION"...

Why did you wait so long?

Why didn't you just yell, run out of the house and tell a neighbor you were being molested?

Why did you continue getting on your knees?

Barbara told me she thinks it just comes naturally for you, because you're more like a daughter than Sarah ever was.

Just because Levi was your brother, that doesn't mean you needed to allow him continue ejaculating into you.

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