By: Major Burdock | 06-04-2021 | Opinion, Studio
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The Host Animal Is The Chinese Government. What Do We Do With Host Animals?

Burdock makes the obvious suggestion that The Communist Party of China be treated for what it is: a dangerous and deadly animal. Identify, capture, contain, study and destroy.

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Minor Burdock No. 95599 2021-06-05 : 15:55

Jim is transitioning into jesus, but not quite fast enough.

Anonymous No. 95605 2021-06-09 : 17:04

Philip Fairbanks and Mini Burdock live in a tiny one bedroom efficiency, and sleep in the same bed.

Philip Fairbanks is SO effeminate (actual chromosomal genetic birth defect effemininity) that he thinks Mini Burdock is "masculine"....

That's the first person to ever perceive Burdock as being masculine..

Burdock is such a meek cowardly wimp, that he suffers from overwhelming social anxiety, so he wears sunglasses in darkened rooms, and always tries to obscure his Elmer Fudd runt-face by wearing children's Halloween camouflage face paint, hiding behind hats, and creating embarrassing silhouette shots by utilizing bright backgrounds...

Burdock is a trembling coward, who can't even look people in the eyes, but he overcompensates for his cowardliness with a laughable contrived "tough guy military persona"...

Burdock gives amazing deepthroat... Burdock can take a dick all the way past his uvula with no gag reflex, but he's still considered the "man" in his relationship with Philip Fairbanks...

Philip and Burdock have more in common than just simple closet homosexuality :

They both coincidentally have biceps smaller than a child's wrist.

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