By: Phil | 06-07-2021 | The Purge, Opinion, Studio
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More Western Corps Do CCP Bidding for Tiananmen Square Massacre Weekend

Bing, LinkedIn, Wix and Wordpress incidentally have decided to bow to CCP pressure just in time for the 32nd anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre. Meanwhile, Hong Kongers are arrested for encouraging commemoration of the weekend, a tradition in Hong Kong's Victoria Park. Twitter and other social media companies have an extraordinary power to meddle with democracy. Far greater than Russia. Watching what's going on in Hong Kong may be a blueprint to how censorship and technocratic fascism will be introduced to the west... by western companies.

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Anonymous No. 95603 2021-06-09 : 16:46

Philip Fairbanks, the little boy who allowed himself to be molested in McMinnville Tennessee without ever running away or yelling or standing up to his molester grew up to become a self-appointed "superhero avenger against child molestation"...

It's strange how Philip didn't stand up to his molester and defend himself when he was a kid.. he could have yelled for help or simply run out of the house screaming to the neighbors, but he didn't..

He simply allowed it to happen, again and again.

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