By: Major Burdock | 05-26-2021 | Opinion, Studio
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A Message to Family

God will always decide. In the meantime, make a decision if you support The Constitution or the hucksters undermining it.

Fuck all people of all categories who attempt to rationalize theft. Fuck their concepts and edicts. Piss your liberty down their throats, for we are not to teach them otherwise.

We are here to clean up their failed experiment. Have a moment of pity if you must, but understand that all politics are void. Only common sense and faith together will wipe the floors clean of this mess, allow humanity to continue.

We are at war with Chinese Communist Party and all who espouse global domination by the select few. For those in law enforcement and big tech, ask yourself if you truly believe that the person who pays you should control your life. Do you have the right to enforce this control on the world?

Every moment spent embracing these twisted concepts of cartoon-utopia is lifetimes of dreams lost. Embrace Freedom. Embrace Family. Embrace God.

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Anonymous No. 95609 2021-06-09 : 17:24

Mini Burdock has always fantasized about performing fellatio on a police officer.

I wonder if Burdock ever managed to find a police officer willing to ejaculate into his throat, would he finally have the balls to take off the sunglasses in a dark room?

Burdock suffers from overwhelming cowardice and social anxiety, so he has spent his entire adult life hiding behind sunglasses in dark rooms and wearing children's Halloween camouflage face paint and hats to hide his male pattern baldness...

But he's very patriotic when it comes to allowing soldiers or police officers to ejaculate down his throat, just in case anybody's interested...

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