By: Phil | 07-20-2021 | Opinion, Studio

Exposing the Real Domestic Terror Threat

FBI has been touting the danger of anti-government and right wing extremists for years. If you look at the history of FBI's COINTELPRO and their long history of ignoring actual threats while setting up people who likely posed no real threat can we honestly trust them in their attempt to drum up support for an even more restrictive part II of the Patriot Act. If you have any doubts, just check out some of the evidence that points toward federal involvement in the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping or the 1/6 Capitol riot.

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Safetyingrey No. 95681 2021-07-20 : 14:13

These vans are everywhere! And those ID's on the side are conveniently removable so they blend in any neighborhood. Because there is no transparency in gov't, we have no idea exactly how many agents/operatives/affiliates are being paid by our tax dollars conducting their little spy operations. The British series Undercover w/ Sophie Okonedo brilliantly exposed the fact agents have been used to infiltrate groups/movements going so far as to marry those being targeted. (It was cancelled despite having excellent ratings after 1 season because it revealed actual operations). They intrude into our lives, and as we have seen in the US, orchestrate/organize/target/trigger/intimidate/slander individuals and/or groups to act in a desired manner that justifies their agenda. Meanwhile, they are still working w/CIA/DEA trafficking drugs/weapons/children around the world.

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