By: Phil | 02-28-2022 | Opinion, Studio
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WWIII Incoming? What's Going on In Ukraine and What It Means for US and EU

Ukraine has been attacked, now of course it's a much bigger deal in the news than when Ukraine had attacked parts of Russia for years. It's also a bigger deal than when we reported elderly Armenians being beheaded by terrorists with implicit NATO support. It's apparently a bigger deal than when about 250 civilians, dozens of them small children, were killed by Israeli shells. Or how about the March of Return when IDF soldiers shot and killed medics, journalists, women and children. Libya going from a prosperous nation to one where people are sold as slaves on auction blocks, Saudi Arabia shelling and starving Yemenis. For whatever reason (perhaps because the war crimes in these cases are by allies of US and NATO) these were not considered major humanitarian crises the likes of which we haven't seen since WWII. In between that and how much agreement there is from various groups that never agree on anything, Ukraine is worth keeping an eye on though its important to recall that psyops, disinfo and propaganda are being blasted at a rate we haven't seen in a while.

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