By: Philip | 03-01-2022 | PedoGate, Science, Opinion
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The Witch-Hunt Narrative With Roberta Glass and Philip Fairbanks

This weekend, I was joined by Roberta Glass of the Roberta Glass True Crime Podcast on William Ramsey Investigates to talk about Ivy League Professor Ross Cheit's amazing piece of scholarship The Witch-Hunt Narrative. Running well over 500 pages, the book's beginning goes back to 1995 when Brown University's Recovered Memory Project was started. Professor Cheit utilized multiple research assistants over a period of about 15 years to accrue the massive amount of data he went through in order to challenge the received knowledge regarding the daycare scandals of the 80s and 90s that, up to now, have mostly been assumed to be the result of "satanic panic" moral hysteria.

Even Professor Cheit himself retweeted our conversation on Twitter. Roberta Glass, by the way, has done extensive research on "innocence fraud" and organizations like the NCRJ (National Committee for Reason and Justice). In the 90 minute conversation I also go through several emails with some of the research scientists mentioned in the book regarding their sudden shift away from victim-blaming memory research in the years since 2017's #MeToo movement.

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