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A Meeting With Happy Science

If you recall from my video on the assassination of Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe by a disgruntled member of one of the schism factions of the Unification Church (popularly known as the "Moonies") you may recall me mentioning a couple of other cults that also had some powerful political sway. Aum Shinrikyu attempted to run for office and had high ranking military officials in its numbers. The Moonies have conferences with world leaders like Abe and Trump in attendance. Happy Science is yet another politically powerful cult, unlike the Unification Church it is born in Japan rather than Korea but many of its facets are strikingly similar with some Edgar Cayce, Buddha, Jesus, John Lennon (yes, really), and Dianetics thrown in. Like with Scientology there are evil aliens and good ones guiding spiritual evolution and an abiding fear of communism and China. Who are Happy Science?

I had a chance to meet a minister of the group last weekend and have been reading two of the books they sell. Master Ryuho Okawa, the guru at the root of the new religious movement, has over 3000 books attributed to him. Some of which are apparently transcripts of lectures or "channelings" of dead persons, deities and even the guardian spirit of Angela Merkel and Boris Johnson as in the case of the book on Jesus Christ's advice regarding coronavirus that I picked up.

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