By: Savannah Smith | 06-29-2017 | News
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Media Freaking Out Over Trump ‘Nice Smile’ Compliment Female Reporter

President Donald Trump makes one harmless and even positive comment on a lady journalist, and shares a light, relaxed moment in a phone conversation with the Irish prime minister on Tuesday, and liberals freaked out and exploit the non-issue for their tired and pathetic political agenda.

Trump simply told Irish PM Leo Varadkar that journalists were there in his office watching their conversation when he noticed RTE reporter Caitriona Perry and inquired right there and then where she was from.

Trump gave a compliment and said: “We have all of this beautiful Irish press. She has a nice smile on her face so I bet she treats you well.”

Of course, that could have been just part of a light talk with the Irish PM on the other line, but liberals being liberals, once again seized the opportunity to exploit the issue- or non-issue- blow it out of proportion in the hopes of pinning down Trump.

UltraViolet, a women’s advocacy organization, immediately cried sexual harassment and even resurrected the long dead issue of Trump’s ancient “pussy-grabbing” issue. Dead because he has apologized for it, and the American people have accepted said apologies given that the controversy exploited to the hilt by his opponents did not stop Trump from winning the election last year over Democrat Hillary Clinton. The liberal women’s group even urged White House Counsel Even McGahn to “investigate” the incident.

The group wrote to McGahn and said: “The women who work in the White House whether on staff or as members of the press, should be able to do their jobs without the threat of harassment. We also hope that you agree with us that no one, and especially not the President, is above the law.”

Investigate what? Was there anything more to the issue or incident that the press did not see as it happened? Did the female reporter cried foul and requested for a probe? Aren’t there more important matters the women’s organization should be more concerned about, worth their precious time?

The liberal supporters and followers also decided to have a field day on Twitter exploiting the issue for whatever political mileage they can squeeze from it to again put the President “in a bad, liberal light.”

One liberal Twitter user said: “Trump Says Female Irish Reporter Has ‘Nice Smile’- In The Creepiest, Grossest, Most Inappropriate, Trump-like Way”. Another posted: “How many male reporters has Trump described as having a nice smile? THAT’s why it is creepy.” Another exaggerates with the message: “EW! ‘I bet she treats you well.’ Trump interrupts call with Irish PM to flirt with female reporter with ‘nice smile’.’

And the attacks went on from the libs, crucifying Trump and his “attitude” towards women. Well, Trump never pretended to be politically-correct like the pretentious libs, in fact he has always been vocal about political correctness and hypocrisy. But there was also clearly no intention to flirt or harass, just a candid, light moment captured by the media. The Irish journalist was cool with it even. We didn’t hear her make a huge deal out of a non-issue, did we? Perhaps, in their desperation to score political points against Trump whom they could not bring down, libs should relax a bit, roll up their sleeves and learn how to smile nicely for their own sanity so they won’t feel so bad about continuously losing to Trump.


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Anonymous No. 4499 2017-06-29 : 21:33

Well, you do have to take into account all the women he's harrassed, molested, fondled, touched, slobbered on, oh and suspected raped(even allowing for the fact she dropped case out of fear from intimidation), but hey like he says about muslims, you should be suspicious, after all no smoke without fire. How's that pedo mate of his doing these days?

Anonymous No. 4509 2017-06-30 : 00:01

The dignity of the Whitehouse has just been left "bleeding"

Anonymous No. 4512 2017-06-30 : 00:45

Your picture, but with hair

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