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Alaskan Bear Walks Into a Liquor Store...

Customers were coming in for their favorite spirits when the four legged creature came marching. However the four legged creature was actually a bear that was walking upright. No, the bear wasn't looking for picnic baskets either, apparently it needed a pint of relief.

A clerk at a Liquor Barrel, Roger Thibodeau, posted a video online of a bear walking through the store's front door about 8:30 AM.

Thibodeau said it looked like a dog a first glance, but then he saw its snout. "It was very young, I thought," Thibodeau said. "There might be some other ones, a mama bear maybe close by, and I didn't want to get too close to it.”

Thibodeau went on to say a customer who was buying his morning refreshments preparing his coffee saw the bear and then began clapping his hands and was able to coax the bear into leaving.

The bear then went next door to Harri Plumbing and Heating, Thibodeau said. It remains unknown at this time if the clerk bought the patron who was able to remove the bear a free shot in return for his bravery.


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