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Cocaine Kingpin Undetected 30 Years Due To Plastic Surgery

Luiz Carlos da Rocha, who assumes the alias the White Head, is now in the custody of the Brazilian Federal Police stemming from charges of being part of an international drug trafficking operation involving jungle warehouses and a fleet of airplanes.

The White Head had been on the radar of the United States and international intelligence communities for over 30 years but was somehow able to elude authorities in which they couldn't find an answer as to how, until now.

Da Rocha was finally intercepted and arrested Friday as part of Operation Spectrum, a joint international effort with Brazil to put an end to drug trafficking through its own borders. During the span of the operation, it has seen seizures of $10 million worth of luxury vehicles, aircraft, and property.

Da Rocha has a lifetime’s list of drug, money laundering and weapons convictions which could see him serve as much as 50 years to life in prison.

Authorities say he had multiple Identities but most recently was living under the pseudonym Vitor Luiz de Moraes and to hide from authorities underwent plastic surgery on multiple occasions.

Da Rocha is suspected of being the top player in a violent cartel which is known to have distributed cocaine throughout South America, as well as into the United States and Europe. Many suggest he makes Pablo Escobar look like a cockroach due to his international power.

The Cartel is believed to have been able to transport in secret fifty-ton deliveries of cocaine into Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro every month.

“The cocaine was transported in small airplanes that left the producing countries of Colombia, Peru, and Bolivia, using Venezuelan airspace destined for farms in Brazil, on the border between the states of Pará and Mato Grosso,” a Brazilian Federal Police statement read.

“After being discharged from a drug plane, cocaine was placed in truck and carts, whose destination was the state of Sao Paulo for distribution to criminal factions in Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, or Port of Santos, from where it was exported to Europe or the United States.”

The United States applauds this as a major victory in cooperation with their intelligence communities and the Justice Department and it is possible the White Head could face charges within the United States and Europe as well, although he seems to be at the end of his life of crime.

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Anonymous No. 4650 2017-07-03 : 04:46

[Luiz Carlos da Rocha, who assumes the alias the White Head]

Seriously? WhiteHead? Ha, I love it, just picture the interrogator walking into the room…

"I hope you're prepared WhiteHead, I'm goingb to squeeze you 'till you pop and tell us everything", I wonder if he's got a partner called BlackHead, "If you're good BlackHead, you could be put on the 'Fast Track' to 'FreeDerm'". Oh yes, this is good, how about one called 'Nicorette', anyone want to guess his trade?

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