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Photo credit: Charles County Sheriff's Office

HIV+ Middle School Aide Molests Students

A teacher's aide at a middle school in Maryland was arrested after an investigation concluded he was sexually abusing multiple male students, authorities said.

The suspect, Carlos Deangelo Bell, 30, was arrested at his Waldorf home after an indicted by a grand jury in Charles County was returned on charges of Production of Child Pornography and three counts of Second-degree Assault on minor children, prosecutors announced Monday.

The investigation was launched in December and continued until the indictment was returned. Law enforcement investigators say they received a tip about inappropriate sexual behavior between Bell and at least one student while Bell was coaching track at La Plata High School.

Bell, who was now working at Benjamin Stoddert Middle School as an instructional aid, was immediately fired from the school and banned from La Plata from his coaching duties.

Police Detectives who searched Bell’s work computer at first found nothing suspicious, but a second search of his home computer showed an entire history of him being directly involved in the production of child pornography.

Investigators then interviewed witnesses and determined that Bell sexually abused “several males” on school grounds, his home, and possibly other locations as well.

Charles County Sheriff Troy Bell released a statement saying that law enforcement is currently unaware if the man transmitted HIV to any of the males he sexually molested, but ongoing investigations and testing into such are still occurring.

Bell was identified by a parent of one of the victims who told authorities they found sexually explicit text messages on their son's phone. Child pornography was also discovered on Bell’s personal electronic devices, including his phone and tablets.

If any of the children were infected with HIV Bell will face additional charges and the Charles County Sheriff’s Department says there may be even more victims who haven't come forward yet.


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Anonymous No. 4671 2017-07-04 : 01:15

Of course he's black.

Anonymous No. 4686 2017-07-04 : 07:41

This man deserves executed no trial

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