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First Baby Without ‘Gender Identification’ Born In Canada

A first of its kind controversial childbirth has occurred in Canada, as a newborn Canadian baby has been issued a health card that doesn't contain a gender marker, in what would be the first case in the world.

The parent, who goes by the name Kori Doty, is a non-binary transgender person who identifies as neither male nor female. Doty’s plan is to allow the child to discover their own gender without anyone telling it what it is.

The hospital where the child was born says the health card was issued with a "U" in the space for "sex", which could be for "undetermined" or "unassigned".

Now taking the battle to court, Kori Doty is fighting to omit the gender from the birth certificate. Being that Canada is already an ultra progressive social justice haven, it's likely Doty will win.

The nongendered child’s name is Searyl Ali, born in November at a friend's home in British Columbia. Kori Doty, who prefers to use the pronoun ‘they’, suggests that in their own opinion a simple visual inspection at birth is not substantial enough in order to be able to determine what gender that person will have or identify with later in their life.

They want to keep Searyl's sex off all official records and documents in order to not influence the child's decision as they grow older and mature.

Doty said that, "I'm raising Searyl in in such a way that until they have the sense of self and command of vocabulary to tell me who they are, I'm recognising them as a baby and trying to give them all the love and support to be a whole person that they can be outside of the restrictions that come with the boy box and the girl box.”

Kori Doty works as a community educator who is part of the Gender-Free ID Coalition. Doty said that, “Those who feel different to the gender designation assigned at birth face several problems later in life trying to change their documents.”

"When I was born, doctors looked at my genitals and made assumptions about who I would be, and those assignments followed me and followed my identification throughout my life," Kori Doty said. "Those assumptions were incorrect, and I ended up having to do a lot of adjustments since then."

In the incredibly rare case of Searyl Atli, the parent said that health authorities are now refusing to issue any birth certificate without a ‘proper gender designation’ and this means as the parent Doty must sue for a judicial review of the case.

The attorney representing the family, barbara findlay, is also controversial for choosing to spell her name without capital letters. In a recent interview, she told Global News, "The assignment of sex in this culture is done when a medical person lifts up the legs and looks at the baby's genitals. But we know that the baby's own gender identity will not develop for some years until after they're born."

All across Canadian media, there is a massive buzz over the report that the baby's health card could be the first in the world to not have a gender designation.


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Janis No. 4705 2017-07-04 : 23:33

Sounds like this kori person doesn't know the difference between sex and gender. Sex is male or female based on genitals. Gender is how you act. You can act however you want no matter what genitals you have. The child should still be either male or female sex unless it is an intersex child. Using "they" for the pronoun is stupid too. "It" makes more sense.

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