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Uruguay To Sell Legal Marijuana For $1.30 A Gram

Uruguay is becoming the first nation to experiment with incredibly low priced marijuana available to the general public.

Any citizen will be able to walk into a pharmacy and purchase the cannabis without a doctor's note or prescription, as Uruguay’s pharmacies allow patients to decide for themselves what medications they'd like minus the middleman of a doctor, or in this case, a drug dealer.

While Uruguay is the world’s first country to fully legalize the production, sale and consumption of marijuana, foreigners won't be able to access the cheap reefer due to international restrictions. Sorry American vacationers.

Uruguay also isn't going to be selling delicacies such as edibles or waxes or highly potent concoctions that you may find in Colorado or Nevada, but it will be selling premium strains with high quality products for less than its American competition.

Uruguay’s goal is to make marijuana “boring” with its legalization model, to where it's not something that will attract children, which is seemingly how the United States model of business on legalization has been.

Uruguay wants responsible adults who enjoy smoking ganja to be able to do so without crowding their jails and overburdening their police with ridiculous tickets and harassment scenarios over a little bit of doobage.

Many Americans who have traditional values complain of the United States market and its own various styles of edibles and shatter blends that can be vaped, all of which attract teenagers to the drug. Uruguay has monitored the situation in American and decided this is the safest method for their citizens.

Marijuana productions will also decrease now that the prices are regulated so low, as it will become less profitable to run a massive operation in a scheme to get rich. At $1.30 a gram, it leaves little room to turn the growth of the plant into a million dollar per grower industry.

Americans reading this are probably thinking to themselves, “Wow, a government that cares more about it's future generations than profits? No way!” However that's most certainly the case in Uruguay’s capital.

In the United States now more than half of the states in the union have legalized medical marijuana, but much like the American healthcare and pharmaceutical industry there's far too much money involved and profits are valued over anything else.

US Attorney General Jeff Sessions has caught some heat for his Anti-Degeneracy stance, being an advocate for prosecuting Marijuana criminals, since it's technically a violation of Federal Laws. Many don't understand though that this may be a ploy to push for a change to the Federal Law surrounding the scheduling of Marijuana, since technically Sessions is just doing his job, which is enforcing the laws.

Uruguay says any commercial packaging of the smokeable treat will be banned entirely and there can be no trendy graphic designs that could appeal to a child.

America could learn from Uruguay, although it's most certainly unlikely it's going to let a single penny sift through its coffers if it can avoid it even at the cost of damaging the future.


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