By: Savannah Smith | 07-09-2017 | News
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CNN Faces Fax Attack in Retaliation for the #CNNBlackmail

For many users of 8chan, the war with CNN-or #FraudNewsNetwork/FNN as President Donald Trump and his supporters refer to it- is far from over. Aside from 8chan many users’ belief that CNN/FNN only churns out fake news, biased and cruel reporting against Trump, for them there’s also no forgiving it for its blackmail against the supposedly anonymous user behind the Trump body-slamming CNN viral video to come out with a public apology or risk being exposed. The members, followers, and supporters of the 8chan site are not running out of things and ideas to mount to retaliate against CNN.

One of those suggestions to get back at CNN/FNN for #CNNBlackmail is to wage a “fax campaign” against the news organization starting over the weekend and so that the results will come in on Monday when offices resume from the week-end break. The “fax campaign” basically involves Trump supporters, CNN/FNN-haters, users and followers of 8chan flooding the fax machines of CNN/FNN with “fake messages” from documents, letters or just Pepe the frog icons so that when the admin people report back to work on Monday, the offices presumably would have ran out of paper and toner due to the barrage of messages coming in.

Many users have started and shared their research on the fax numbers of various offices/departments in CNN on 8chan message boards. Many are looking forward to the irritation and inconvenience it would bring to CNN people- and for them such kick is enough to retaliate a bit for CNN/FNN’s sin of blackmailing and bullying an internet user who should have been protected by his anonymity.

So many have jumped on the suggestion of “fax campaign”, one user said: “I will fax those niggers so many pepe memes and a shit load of gore.” Some are even posting images of a fax machine with a paper coming out of it with a photo of Pepe the Frog. Another with the CNN logo and an anchor juxtaposed with the text in green that reads: “Operation Falling Frogs” with a reverse image of Pepe.

There are also those who are skeptical about the idea. One commented that fax machines are so 90s, and that things don’t work as they used to anymore. Some stressed that now a days fax machines no longer automatically prints all incoming messages but that they are already mostly linked to servers, and staff can choose what to print, and from their computers, too.

Some raised concerns that doing such fax campaign or any other retaliation tactics against CNN might put 8chan in jeopardy as a “target” for being shut down.

One user is all for anything that can scare, expose or bully back CNN. The user said: “Never forget they are the ones who lied and keep lying to you for so long, these “high profiles” and notorious TV/media stars are the one in power. Nothing will happen to us, we are the majority, the people. They are nothing. “


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Anonymous No. 4923 2017-07-09 : 16:37

8chan throws tantrum, hides in shadow looking for the precious

Only Trump , FAKENEWS(sorry FOXNEWS) and 8chan and co are allowed to tell 'lies'

waaaa,waaaa, want buttplug, waaa

Anonymous No. 4948 2017-07-10 : 00:48

Take yer meds m8.

Anonymous No. 4954 2017-07-10 : 04:41

Easy/legal, if even 10% of subscribers cancelled their subscriptions prior to the new GOT season, it would crap Time Warner's stock by 1/2, it's their absolute flagship franchise…disappointing ratings/drop in subscribers would get their board's attention…

Anonymous No. 4956 2017-07-10 : 05:06

Trump won't take his meds, he thinks he's sane :)

[NOTE, I was impersonating the average 8chaner in bitch mode]

Considering that D.T. Jr has just made a large fuck up over Russia, CNN are assholes, but there's also some truth in what they've been saying. I don't get why everyone is so afraid of a proper investigation, if CNN, etc are totally wrong, bury them, but if Trump and/or his 'team' were involved then it should come out. If you all accused me of being a Russian spy as President, I'd demand an investigation just to prove that you were full of shit, and that's Trump's trouble, for some reason he keeps fucking around.

Put it this way, say you have kids and suddenly there is a suspicion that a teacher may be abusing the kids, would you demand an investigation or let your kids run the risk of being abused because your one of those smart asses, you know, the one who goes "he was such a nice kid, I never thought he'd do a columbine", hah, actually I like that description, think about it, if he is corrupt he's fucking all the kids at once.

To twist 2 quotes together, "Can you handle the truth, well can ya, punk?", 'cause I'm happy to admit as, when and if I do, unlike Trump.

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