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New Questions: John McCain’s Involvement with Fake Trump Dossier

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Despised Republican Senator John McCain, of Arizona, is coming under heavy scrutiny and will be questioned during the upcoming lawsuit over the Trump Dossier which was put out as a fake news hit piece against the President earlier in the year.

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The Dossier was allegedly compiled by British Intelligence Agent Christopher Steele, and his firm, London’s Orbis Intelligence Ltd, which has raised serious questions from Trump supporters as to whether or not this was a direct attack from foreign entities to attempt to discredit Donald Trump or cause him upheaval in his attempted Presidency.

Senator John McCain will face numerous questions as part of a defamation lawsuit regarding his role in the leaking of the opposition research dossier former British spy Chris Steele compiled on President Donald Trump.

Many from within the right blame John McCain for his involvement in passing along misleading or entirely false information, and some suggest he's outright treasonous in his actions.

Newly obtained new court documents in the British lawsuit show that the counsel for defendants Steele and Orbis repeatedly point to McCain, a vocal and disturbing Trump critic, and a former State Department official, as two of a handful of people directly known to have had copies of the full document before it circulated among journalists and was published by media outlets.

The court document confirms that Sir Andrew Wood, a former British ambassador to Moscow and a Russia adviser to former Prime Minister Tony Blair, discussed the 35-page dossier with McCain.

“The Defendants considered that the issues were self-evidently relevant to the national security of the US, UK and their allies,” the document says, explaining why information from Steele and his partner, Christopher Burrows, was shared in the secret Dossier with members of the Conservative community including McCain.

According to McClatchy, who obtained the court documents first, British court documents also confirmed that Washington research firm Fusion GPS, which is co-founded by former Wall Street Journal reporter Glenn Simpson, had been hired to conduct direct political opposition research by one of Trump’s GOP primary opponents.

After Trump was nominated, Democrats paid for the same research on Trump’s past and alleged Russian ties. The report shows that political opposition research is used constantly by both remaining political parties to smear their opposing candidates.

Fusion GPS contracted with Steele, who had once was an undercover spy inside of Moscow. The court document lifted a veil on Washington’s inner workings, exposing the intelligence community with Steele laying out how Fusion briefed select reporters on the material for which it and Steele had been paid to gather.

“The journalists initially briefed at the end of September 2016 by the Second Defendant (Steele) and Fusion at Fusion’s instruction were from the New York Times, the Washington Post, Yahoo News, the New Yorker and CNN,” Steele’s lawyers said, adding that he “verbally and in person” briefed the first three organizations in mid-October and a reporter from Mother Jones via Skype.

These reporters were not shown the dossier, according to the attorneys, and instead were sent a “disclosure of limited intelligence regarding indications of Russian interference” in the campaign. The information was off the record, meaning it could be used for further research but not published nor attributed.


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Anonymous No. 5057 2017-07-12 : 20:57

Nice try but you might want to take a closer look at your 'evidence'

Try looking at the a or e or c's for example, better luck next time known frauds

Desperation moves by Trump lovers, why? If innocent, stop 'all' the lies

Right wing scream commies, yet Trump's seem to be the ones kissing Putin's a…

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