By: Earnest Jones | 07-15-2017 | News
Photo credit: youtube

#Dashcam Catches Crash for Cash Scammer

This scandalous footage reveals the moment a brazen motorcyclist swerves in front of a salon car driver on a busy motorway. The video shows the motorcycle veering, over one lane of traffic in front of the three-way intersection, hoping that the salon car driver would crash into the back of the motorcycle before slamming on the brakes.

Incredibly, it didn’t turn out as scripted. The salon car driver managed to slam the brakes and hop out of the car. The angry woman storms out and furiously pulls out his phone to call the authorities. The scammers are dazed after the woman reveals that she had a dashcam on the cars dashboard.

The scammers run off like the dirty rats they are after realizing that their intention to scam the driver for a possible insurance claim was futile.

The footage has sparked outrage online with different people airing varying views. You might be thinking why some people point out they have a dashcam, I mean, why not let the scammer take you to court for making a false claim, which happens to be insurance fraud against you. Then reveal the footage to counter sue the scammers costing them thousands for making a false claim/fraud while also lying in court.

The answer lies in the fact that it is time consuming to deal with the courts. Even scammers have schedules to keep, like scamming, family, etc. It’s not feasible to sue someone who doesn't have money, in this case the scammer.

In most cases, the intention isn't always to sue, sometimes because the person is shaken up they'll ask them for a couple hundred bucks and call it even. After which the driver gives in and hands over the money a lot of the time.


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