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Two Minors, 15/16, Charged With Barbaric London Acid Attacks

Police have now said a 16 year old and a 15 year old were arrested after five separate acid attacks on various moped riders occurred in less than 90 minutes apart from one another on Thursday.

Law enforcement say that the minors are now charged with at least fifteen separate offenses, with charges including grievous bodily harm, possession of an item to discharge a noxious substance, and robbery.

The minors are due to appear before Stratford Youth Court on Monday, London's Metropolitan Police said in a statement on Saturday.

On Friday, British police arrested the two teenagers after investigating five acid attacks against moped riders in less than 90 minutes across east London on Thursday left several people with facial burns, including one with horrific injuries that could be “life altering”.

The minors allegedly forcefully stole the mopeds used in the terror spree from other citizens and then began rampaging across London tossing acid onto unknowing victims.

Police said the investigation was ongoing, although the brutal attacks come just days after a separate incident in which a man appeared in court accused of throwing acid at an aspiring model and her cousin.

Survivors of various acid attacks in the United Kingdom have been calling for tougher laws against these terrorists and demanded stricter measures for the purchasing of corrosive substances after the increase in the acid attacks in recent weeks.

Media outlets, as expected, have refused to report on the ethnicity of the suspects, possibly for fears it would increase the rising fire against Islam in Europe due to the nature of the vile Indoctrination tool which pushes for such attacks to occur globally.

Just in the year 2016 in the UK there were a total of 461 separate acid attacks. A number that would even astonish Americans who see violent crime daily but never such numbers of brutal and barbaric attacks involving acid against other humans.

It's a tragedy that the UK and Europe have allowed thousands of years of culture to be destroyed by savage radical Islamic invaders, and until something is done to remove the threat the numbers of these attacks will likely continue under the ‘Diversity Is Strength’ lie being perpetuated by these cultural marxists behind the push for immigration and asylum.


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Anonymous No. 5206 2017-07-16 : 02:04

They can't release information because of age.

As regards the acid usage, it's because they can't just buy guns as easily as in America


Total Number of Incidents 58,681

Number of Deaths1 15,063

Number of Injuries1 30,619

Number of Children (age 0-11)

Killed or Injured1 671

Number of Teens (age 12-17)

Killed or Injured1 3,124

Mass Shooting2 384

Officer Involved Incident

Officer Shot or Killed2 324

Officer Involved Incident

Subject-Suspect Shot or Killed2 1,905

Home Invasion2 2,560

Defensive Use2 1,972

Unintentional Shooting2 2,201

1: Actual number of deaths and injuries

2: Number of INCIDENTS reported and verified

22,000 Annual Suicides not included

Numbers on this table reflect a subset of all information

collected and will not add to 100% of incidents.

Anonymous No. 5215 2017-07-16 : 06:35

There should never be a single acid attack

Anonymous No. 5231 2017-07-16 : 14:09

Ban assault acid.

Anonymous No. 5236 2017-07-16 : 16:47

Yes, just as there should never be a single gun attack, knife, etc.

How the fuck do you ban acid(what in hell is assault acid)? It's in your cars battery for a start, hell, if you know what to do, you can concentrate vinegar. For that matter what about alkalines? Picture a face full of concentrated bleach for example. No? OK lete go neutral, how about a pan of boiling water or pressurised steam, I could choose sand if you prefer, Where do you stop? paper, no, sorry, that's easy to be weaponised

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