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Photo credit: NASA

Scientists discover vast underground water ocean on Pluto

Hello Pluto, and no we're not talking about our long forgotten lovable puppy pal, it's that long forgotten planet pal

way out in the solar system.

We didn't forget it was deemed to not be a planet long ago but in most of our minds it still is.

Apparently now it has been found to have a large ocean hiding beneath the surface, which is really no surprise.

Are you shocked? Neither are we. Stuff like this doesn't usually hit mainstream media and doesn't get spoken of

unless one is so inclined to seek it out themselves. Let's quit the mumbo-jumbo then and see what's going on outside

of the spectrum of our petty political arguments as of late.

Scientists have been formulating this theory of an underground ocean lying in the left section of her heart-shaped basin.

Pluto's moon, Charon, has been the main determining factor of this discovery, as it is observed swinging in an orbit to

suggest a gravitational pull out of the norm. Scientists speculate that the cause of this gravitational abnormality is water.

Or at least an icy or slushy material under the surface. It's pretty cold way out there.

Richard Binzel is an MIT professor who has been studying Pluto since the 80s. He said, "We're trying to understand what it is

that could contribute that mass. And the answer we come to is maybe there's this dense subsurface layer of liquid water,

or a slushy layer. pushing up in the region. "You can find a full article with more comments at

or traverse to another source at

to get more information.

There's loads of info out there and on NASA's website as well. This is serious stuff, guys. If there's water and ice out there

in the far reaches of our solar system, isn't that perhaps evidence of possible alien life? Or at least life that once was?

It opens up the doors to new possibilities of thinking. We are not alone, ladies and gentleman. There are missions to be done

and we have a lot of work to do if we don't want to stay in the dark. In the galactic sense however, half of the time we are

truly doomed to be in the dark literally and figuratively.

Regardless, this new evidence and information can prove to be a tidbit towards expanding our knowledge of the universe around

us. Check out the links aforementioned and do your own research further. see for yourself. What do you think?

Is there other life out there that's worth talking about, other than what's inside our little bubble?

I suppose we shall have to wait and find out.

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