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How ISIS Will Infiltrate the West

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Egypt, Bahrain, and Saudi Arabia have cut connections with Qatar due to the financial support of Qatar to terrorism in different areas of the middle east. Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Bahrain have united in fighting the childish actions of Qatar and bringing an end to terrorism. On the other side, all the Muslims of middle east had seen the reality of ISIS, being cruel killing and destroying for money, women, and power under the name of religion. Isis have driven the Muslims of the whole world mad. Now Isis fought everywhere in Syria, Iraq, and Libya. Their presence is not welcomed anymore and they are being chased like stray dogs.

The thing that seems to be happening and no one is aware of that, ISIS now is having a new strategy or I would say a new mask. Where is the next stop or destination of ISIS? this is the question that should be in the mind of politicians and leaders. With no place left for Isis in the middle east, Isis is forced to stay calm, hide in order to save what's left. They are taking a step backward in order to have a big jump forward.

Every day there are refugees entering various western countries, many of those are young men. It's not hard for ISIS member to be among those refugees, there is no way to know or identify them. It's clear Isis going from the East and bringing its curse on the west. There they can pollute the minds of many others, regain their strength and hurt many. Isis is cancer, and when cancer spread into different parts, it takes control. I guess the west know should put the question under the microscope. where is Isis going next? is the west their new goal?

The answer would be, they will go to the West, not as the Cruel Isis members everyone knows but as usual refuges. They will go there in peace and live in peace temporarily. They will act as citizens of the country, mix with residents and marry them to get citizenships. Then they will have kids, whom will be fed with Isis toxic ideas and beliefs. They will allow their kids to mix with others and make the circle bigger and bigger. They will encourage their sons and daughters to run for positions in those countries and become leaders, only then Isis will revive again and it won't be moved.

They will take over a city, then a state, then they will turn the country upside down. somebody might ask but how Isis will still survive if the whole world will turn against them? well, not the whole world will turn against them, countries like Iran, Turkey, and Israel benefit from their existence. Let us not forget that Isis was first made by Israel to cause trouble and division in the middle east. It seems that Israel trained mosquitos, but soon they turned into ruthless vampires known as ISIS.

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Anonymous No. 5380 2017-07-20 : 01:21


Al-Qaeda(Sunni's) in Iraq, started ISIS. It's insurgents went against US-led forces that got rid of Saddam Hussein, then against the mainly Shiite government that replaced Hussein. Then grew from there, the problem was worsened due to the fact we left too soon. If you want to take a shot at Israel, fine, just get your facts straight first.

NOTE; No I haven't wrote the whole story,it'd take too long.

Anonymous No. 5389 2017-07-20 : 05:45

It is not about Israel bozo. It is about these creeps are being kicked out of the Middle East.

They are going to Europe now. Enjoy it. Israel can't help you there. Look past comments at Israel. Usually they deserve the comments, but in this case it means nothing, because these killer rapists, are infiltrating France, Germany, Italy now. Have a great time with a nice ala snackbar lunch in Paris coming soon.

Anonymous No. 5418 2017-07-20 : 17:44

I'm not disagreeing with the need to deal with ISIS, I'm just bored of people accusing the wrong lot because they've got some grudge or whatever. As regards the cute little comment, you forget that we've been dealing with terrorists a hell of a lot longer than you, so enjoy your falafel, it goes with the waffle.

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