By: Jasalle Jash | 11-24-2016 | News

Liberals Refuse to Move on from Hillary Clinton’s Loss, Demand Vote Audit

Liberals still believe that Hillary Clinton didn’t lose the election to Donald Trump, which is why they are now calling on the Department of Justice to audit the votes. But, given the events during and after the election, Trump would still emerge as the clear winner.

Many of these individuals who are calling for a vote recount, which include actress Debra Messing and “Avengers” director Joss Whedon of liberal Hollywood, believe that widespread tampering occurred during the election.

They also claim that the Russian government may have had a hand in alleged voter data breaches and email hacks that plagued Clinton’s camp.

Because of these, they are now demanding that election officials work with the Department of Justice to investigate the voting machines and the electoral votes from various states.

However, as pointed out by The Hill, even if the Department of Justice entertains the liberals’ demands, the results of the election will probably not get overturned. For one, hours before Trump was declared as the winner, Clinton already conceded.

In addition, despite the number of support it’s getting, the movement for a vote audit will most likely not push through since no high-ranking Democratic Party member is backing it. This indicates that there is no sufficient evidence supporting the claims regarding election tampering.

As for the allegations regarding the voting machines getting hacked by the Russian government, security experts have already noted that this is a likely scenario. However, they also pointed out that the voting machines used in the recent election are not connected to the Internet or a single network. This means that if someone intends to swing the results of the election by tampering with the machines, then that individual would have to hack all of the voting machines one at a time and in person.

In other words, hacking voting machines in a magnitude that’s enough to manipulate the national election is almost an impossible feat.

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