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Two Muslims Rape 14yr Old Girl, UK Media Hides Ethnicity

Two Muslim men were arrested today in response to a rape allegation made by a 14 year old girl near a railway in Birmingham, England.

British Transport Police released closed-circuit television images of the two suspects, although the mainstream media in the UK refuses to display the images for fears of spreading ‘Islamophobia’, even though the two monsters are wanted in an attack on a fourteen year old child.

Detectives say that the rape occurred near the Witton train station where the girl told the police that she had walked to the train station with a friend, and that the two suspects approached them on the platform before kidnapping her, as her friend ran away in terror.

She said that one of the criminal savages dragged her away to a secluded area of the station where there wasn't any pedestrians or witnesses before raping her.

Police say the young girl ran back into the crowded streets after the attack to try and seek help from anyone who would listen, where another Muslim man forced her into a vehicle and raped her a second time.

This is a sign of how bad things really are right now in some regions, especially Birmingham, where mass immigration has created a war zone for the English just trying to live their lives.

Law enforcement says that the child somehow managed to escape from that vehicle after the savage Muslim brutally assaulted her sexually and she then flagged down the driver of another car who was able to help her by contacting police.

<strong>The British Transport Police posted the following on their website:</strong>

<i>“Overnight there have been significant developments after we released CCTV images of two men we would like to speak with. I’d like to thank the public and the media for the overwhelming support in sharing this appeal.”</i>

<i>“Both these arrests relate to the first incident at Witton station on Tuesday evening this week. Our investigation into the second incident in the vehicle continues at a pace. The young victim was raped for a second time in a vehicle close to Witton station at approximately 2 AM.”</i>

<i>“I am still looking to hear from anyone who lives locally to Witton and saw a young girl walking by herself during the early hours of Wednesday morning. If you saw any vehicle or any person acting suspiciously then please get in touch as soon as possible.”</i>

Birmingham is about 128 miles northwest of London, is often called England’s “second city” and has a population of more than one million residents. It has been a hotspot of Muslim rapes, assaults, thefts, and gang activity; all of which the government and the media tries to sweep under the rug.

The BBC, or British Broadcasting Corporation, is a public broadcast television network which is funded by a “TV license” fee, similar to a tax that's forced onto UK television owners.

It's a powerhouse network in the UK, and versus defending its own citizens in light of multiple terror attacks and atrocities committed by the savage jihadi invaders it instead has declared that resistance to Shariah law is “Islamophobic”.

Actions such as this are commonplace in the UK, with disdain for the locals and complete disregard for western culture, history, or values in an attempt to push a “diversity is strength” mantra onto Europeans.

<strong><span style="color:red;">This innocent child will never be the same, but sadly she won't be the last to face such horrors as the cultural marxist leadership in the UK and the social justice warriors montages continue to parade through the streets forcing genocide of tradition.</span></strong>


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Anonymous No. 5859 2017-07-30 : 15:14

Red Pill, sorry Yellow Pill, the internet chicken once again misrepresenting the facts, but then considering his lord and dick waggler El Presidente Chimp is imploding all the White House that's hardly surprising . Let's face it, cluckiuss emptysackiuss is showing his delusions are begining to leak out of his arse and spineless shill can't face that he's backed a schitzo for prez.

As for the rape, you want to try comparing USA to UK, or child abuse, I can't think of one where the U.S doesn't lose and badly. I would say stick to what you know, but…

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