By: Major Burdock | 08-09-2017 | News
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What is your Opinion on Robot Rape?

Touchy subject here. As the sale of sex robots increases, so does the funding for research and development. We are also seeing a growing lobby to promote the public's acceptability of the humanoid sex slaves.

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Anonymous No. 6266 2017-08-09 : 08:09

If the robot consents it is not rape. If they are your own property, then it is not rape either. Just like you can't rape your own wife. You can't rape your own robot.

Anonymous No. 6268 2017-08-09 : 08:43

Children are officially your property until they are 18. Does that make it ok to rape them too?

Anonymous No. 6271 2017-08-09 : 10:02


Are you implying that robots are at the level of children? Did some robot pass a Turing test that I am not aware of?

Anono Bot No. 6273 2017-08-09 : 10:33

1st - It is a odd sexual fetish, for the dark basement dweller types.

2nd - Rape is a between humans. Not animals, or lifeless objects. A robot is an IT. Not a he, she, she-he or she-it.

3rd - This whole new media generated story line is likely a bunch of Activists looking for their next media attention getting, TV face time $$$$$ making gig, and protest cause. I predict we'll hear some calls for Robot / Doll Rights.

Some video of crying robots to drum up Snowflakes emotions.

But using the same basic arguments presented :

Do condoms promote rape?

Can condoms be raped?

Should condoms have rights?

What next?

Calls for a US Dept of Robot Welfare and Inspection?

Calls for Robot owner registration, and background checks?

Anonymous No. 6276 2017-08-09 : 10:56


That response is worth tweeting.

Anonymous No. 6296 2017-08-09 : 23:35

TBH, I'd rather those with rape, animal, child, etc fetishes took it out on an inanimate object(sorry, but most of these things aren't even robots, just oversize dolls) instead of their true desire. I know some go on about the kiddie diddlers for example, but to say that they will then go on to commit a pedophilic act is dumb, think about it, if they're going to do it for real, they will regardless of a doll. How many people have read, watched or played violent or sexual materiel, and not acted upon it? Billions, this excuse that some in society use is weak, the only thing a violent/sexual book/toy/film/show/game gives is concepts and an excuse, the disturbed virtually always find an outlet(The Bible for example is full ofstuff nutters shouldn't think of). While I don't agree with certain practices, I'd rather it occur on something artificial than the real thing. As for Robo-rights? I think that should wait until such time as A.I beings exist, and if the robots feel I'm wrong at that time, well I apologise in advance.

6266, you are a dick and I truely hope you aren't and never will be married

6268, wrong children are NOT property

6271, I don't think 6268 is at child level yet

6273, Until Skynet exists, I mostly agree although I can think of a few exeptions to your 1st point which is a little cruel, think of those with severe disfigurements due to illness, genetics, injury, war, etc. Then there are those who are afflicated by shyness, or other verbal or mental impediments, I've likely overlooked something, but I'm sure you see what I mean.

Anonymous No. 6398 2017-08-11 : 15:46

Why don't we program sex robots so they can consent?

Anonymous No. 6412 2017-08-12 : 02:49

6398; These current machines are basically mobile dolls, however a good parallel I think would be that if the robot was true A.I, then doing so to it would be akin to the use of GHB, yet the mind being fully aware of the horror of doing something it doesn't desire. Sort of like you being placed in a situation whereby every move, look, noise, word you spoke was controlled completely by someone else while you saw, heard, felt, tasted, etc everything your body did, or had done to it

Anonymous No. 6456 2017-08-13 : 02:48

You cannot rape an inanimate object. You cannot rape a robot anymore then you can rape a chair or a car or a computer etc.

Anonymous No. 6462 2017-08-13 : 05:02

Under that logic, when Trump goes to prison, can the other inmates get done for force fucking him?

Anonymous No. 6534 2017-08-14 : 04:18

Why is everyone acting like robot rape is a bad thing?

Anonymous No. 6540 2017-08-14 : 04:30

Kawaii :)

Anonymous No. 6597 2017-08-15 : 00:01

I want to be able to rape my robot once I get one. This is bullshit.

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