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A Mystery Solved? Explosive New Report Claims To Have Found Missing Flight MH370

The French Military has announced startling new evidence that basically pin points the exact location of the missing flight MH-370 using satellite images. The flight disappeared from GPS and lost contact with air traffic control while flying to Malaysia over the South China Sea March 8, 2014. It has been one of the biggest disappearance mysteries of recent decades. A total of 239 passengers and crew from over a dozen different countries including Australia and the United States were aboard the craft when it went missing.

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The Australian Transport Safety Bureau just released a breaking new report that uses the satellite images and data from refined drift modeling based off of debris that washed up in the Western Indian Ocean. The satellite images were previously discarded during the initial search as they were not deemed important. The images from the French military satellite were given to authorities and governments in late March 2014 which happened to be before the Australian Transport Safety Bureau became involved. The explosive new data from ground-breaking reverse drift modeling conducted by David Griffin and Peter Oke has now narrowed down the coordinates of the crash to a 5,000sq km area.

With this new refined area of 5,000sq km, authorities have been able to pin point the most likely location of MH370 and now all relevant satellite imagery is being reviewed again. GeoScience Australia has examined the French satellite images which were taken on March 23, 2014, where the plane is thought to have crashed and have found a total of 40 objects that vary from "probably" man-made to "possible" man-made. This new find corroborates the CSIRO's most likely location of MH370.


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