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Cassie Jaye's Red Pill Not Hard to Swallow

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Cassie Jaye was a feminist. Her mother was a feminist. She was from San Francisco so her confession that “All my friends and family are feminist,” to Australia Age’s interviewer should be no great surprise. Cassie was also a feminist. A feminist and an award winning, acclaimed documentarian and video journalist. So what happened? If you’re familiar with the Men’s Rights Movement at all, you won’t be surprised in the least to find out that Cassie found everything changed after she began studying “the Red Pill” movement.

What was to be an expose of the dark underbelly of the misogynist, anti-woman “rape culture” of vicious heartless MRAs ended up being a telling experience, not only for the viewer of the Red Pill but for Cassie herself? In Cassie’s documentary, “The Red Pill,” which is the first documentary of its type (an inside look at the Men’s Right’s Movement and a sympathetic view of MRM, MRAs and men in general) we learn what exactly is the Men’s Rights Movements and explore some of the much-maligned voices in the so-called “Manosphere.”

<a href=””> Of Voices and Men </a>

Speaking of Voices and men, Cassie has been attacked near ceaselessly by feminists at large (including Dave Futrelle of We Hunted the Mammoth) since announcing she was making the movie. This doc was years in the works. After a while, she realized she would have to keep the documentary, and her changing views, slightly obscured. When asked, “What do you do,” she would answer, honestly so, that she was a video editor. When you are a documentary film maker people want to know “what you’re working on.” And she was keeping her work and changing opinions very guarded at first. To paraphrase Bukowski, “those who preach tolerance are themselves the least tolerant.”

The previously aforementioned self-designated “protector of frail womanhood” from the boogieman of Men’s Rights, Dave Futrelle wrote a very condescending “Open Letter” to Cassie Jaye, along with sending threatening emails. Judging from Encyclopedia Dramatica, Futrelle and his comment section peanut gallery goons have a history of threats and intimidations. Not surprising that a male feminist who ran a site called “Confused Cats Against Feminism” might hold himself a bit above “some poor woman” who was advocating against her own best interests.

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<a href=””> Australia vs. Cassie Jaye and The Red Pill </a>

Red Pill was scheduled to have its Australia Premiere at the Palace Cinemas. Since September 12, they’d had plans made. Over a month, but in the last couple weeks, a group who had not even seen the film were certain it was full of misogynist propaganda that would literally harm viewers. The fear, purportedly was literally that women would suffer, perhaps violently. This was a legitimate fear. As if lives could be lost due to the documentary screening. Now keep that image in your mind for a moment, a danger so great you can’t even look into it.

The theater, meanwhile, was sold out. There were 98 people on a waiting list. Under 3,000 signatures managed to close the theater, but over 6,000 signatures on the counter-petition. With over twice as many signatures on the counter-petition, you would think the democratic (or extortionist, however you call it) process might convince the Theater to carry the film. Australia was the not only site of the worst suppression of her work Cassie Jaye had seen in her career, but thanks to Sunrise 7 and others, had her thinking twice before giving interviews.

Andrew O’Keefe of Sunrise 7, like Futrelle, found it fine to attack a woman so long as she was on the wrong side of the feminist fence. O’Keefe viciously slandered the film, once again perpetuating the idea that the film was literally dangerous to women. Did you see the film? Cassie asked. Well, no, they hadn’t. They decided to attack a movie they hadn’t even seen.

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The comments on the Facebook were overwhelmingly supportive of Cassie. They lied about the nature of the film, lied about it being available to buy, rent or stream online, these lies and the backlash from their viewers is probably a reason for the video being pulled from Facebook. When Cassie posted it to her own Facebook, it was yanked again. This time by Facebook.

“It had over 60,000 views in less than 24 hours and I don’t know how many comments! I’ve been traveling and sadly haven’t been able to read the comments yet. Now Sunrise has removed the video and all of the comments on it!

For those of you that don’t know, I did an interview on the Australian TV show Weekend Sunrise on June 11. The hosts, Andrew O’Keefe and Monique Wright, chose to not watch The Red Pill before the interview, but they decidedly hated the film and aimed to smear my name. Since it was a live interview, they looked foolish and Aussies saw through it.

“Today, <i>Sunrise</i> had the video removed from The Red Pill’s Facebook page. I don’t know what to do. I think it should be seen! Does anyone have any ideas? It seems that Sunrise is proactively trying to have it erased from history! At least it’s still on my YouTube channel (for now).”

I’ve never been treated like I was on <i>Sunrise</i> and also <i>The Project</>… a lot of people don’t realize, my interview with The Project was heavily edited down,” she told Andrew Bolt of Australia’s <i>The Bolt Report</i>. The hosts of <i>Sunrise 7</i> and <i>The Project</i> blasted Cassie for being “anti-woman” and neglecting to accurately depict the inherent danger in, for instance, domestic violence shelter’s for men, paternal rights and a whole host of other issues that disproportionately affect males.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Found all the emails! PROOF <a href="">@sunriseon7</a> was sent the <a href="">@redpillmovie</a> ONE MONTH in advance. Sent on May 9- AND on June 7- AND on June 10 by me! <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Cassie Jaye (@Cassie_Jaye) <a href="">June 12, 2017</a></blockquote>

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“Misogynist propaganda” Andrew O’Keefe called it like he saw it. Without even having to see it first.

The money shot occurs around 2:55 as Andrew is asking, “It just seems to me that you don’t really question their views,” you can see Cassie look up, obviously painting a picture in her own mind. I think it’s here that she felt her suspicions must be true.

“Did you see the film?” she asked. It could have been career suicide. Cassie is well aware of the gravity of the stand she’s taking. But despite all this, the threats, harassment, intimidation, attacks in the media, she’s said that it’s been worth it for those people who were touched deeply by the film and moved by its message.

Despite some of the flak and friction, the film has done well. Earning the Women in Film Award (shared with her mother, co-producer) and beating out Guardians of the Galaxy, Moana, and other top grossing films. This is a feat for any film, for a documentary, it's practically unheard of. A tell-tale sign of the resonance this film has in our culture, the need for it to be heard. Cassie is currently releasing some of the hundred some hours of unused footage from the Red Pill as a series on YouTube called “Red Pill: Raw Files.” Patreon patrons can get early access at $5 or more monthly donation level, but they’re also available at Cassie Jaye’s YouTube. Find Cassie Jaye on Twitter @CassieJaye on Youtube and and “The Red Pill” is available to buy, rent or stream at Amazon, iTunes, GooglePlay, Vudu, Vimeo, YouTube, and others.

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