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Missing Swedish Journalist Died in Accident Aboard DIY Submarine

Danish inventor Peter Madsen is the proud owner of his very own submarine that he build over a period of three years for $200,000. The 60-foot submarine is called the 'Nautilus' and has been his pride and joy since 2008 when it first launched. But one day in August, it never came back up. The submarine may not have sunk alone either, by Peter Madsen's own report, 30-year-old Swedish journalist Kim Wall was aboard. The Danish inventor says that Wall died in an accident while aboard his do it yourself submarine.

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When first questioned about Kim Wall, Madsen said that he had dropped her off on an island in Copenhagen late at night on August 10. But when accused of negligent manslaughter, Madsen recanted his story and told the court that she had died in an accident aboard the submarine and he had buried her at sea. This is not the type of thing an honest person does, in fact, it makes Madsen appear even more guilty than if he had just told the truth from the beginning. Who knows if she really did die in an 'accident' as the inventor claims.

Witnesses do confirm seeing the two aboard the craft near Copenhagen on the evening of August 10. Danish authorities located the sunken submarine the next day near where Madsen was found and began a massive retrieval effort. Danish police have not offered any further information on the disappearance of Wall but will likely get to the bottom of the story after a full investigation of the submarine.


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