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Kingsman II: Knights of the Golden Circle, Subtext and Civil War

A new spy, shoot ‘em up thriller is on its way to the big screen. This isn’t really news though, after all, it is Summer. What makes this film so interesting is the subtext within its title and subtitle. The original film had already been considered a conspiracy picker’s dream considering themes of technocracy, secret societies, characters named Galahad bringing in the Chivalric and Arthurian tradition into the mix. ELF and VLF microwave mind control as entertainment fodder is nothing new, but not even the movie <i>Conspiracy Theory</i> seems to throw this many hints into the stew.

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In fact, Jay’s Analysis points out how the protocol mentioned eerily mirrors that of Satanist and Army Psyops front man Col. Michael Aquino’s <i>From Psyop to Mind War: The Psychology of Victory</i>. The first film, Kingsmen: The Secret Service, mass ritual murder in a church, accomplished through microwave mind control. This is all the more chilling considered in light of the fact that it predates Dylan Roof’s massacre. Dylan Roof, who wore Stars and Bars license and purportedly wished to spark a Civil War committed the ghastly murders in a church with a long history of association with Freemasonry). <i>Vigilant Citizen</i> also points out several ways in which the film seems to be an effective means of normalizing the Occult Elite (bloodlines, ordeals, etc.) with the added perquisite of more “hurray for war” propaganda.

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Now this tin foil haberdasher’s pipe dream of an action flick was no major splash in the box office, which makes it all the more interesting that a sequel would show up two years later and amidst the most recent rekindling of unrest, exacerbated by Charlottesville. But what does this sequel have to do with Charlottesville and a new Civil War?

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It seems some folks just will not stay “dead”. – CCC

From Chapter XV of <i>The Escape and Suicide of John Wilkes Booth: or, The first true account of Lincoln’s assassination, containing a complete confession by Booth</i>

by Finis Langdon Bates, 1907

<blockquote>CHAPTER XV.<br>Col. Levan says that he afterward learned that Mr. Marr had settled at Village Mills, Texas, and from there went to Glenrose Mills, Texas, at which place I first met John St. Helen, and where he declared himself to be John Wilkes Booth.Col. M. W. Connolly, a distinguished newspaper man, at present and for many years past connected The Veteran Mason, Statesman, Lawyer and Poet, as He Appeared at the Time of His Recognition of John Wilkes Booth at Port Worth, Texas, in 1885. with the leading papers as editor-in-chief, a gentleman of the highest type, a brilliant writer and a man of honor and integrity, says :<br>“I am strongly inclined to believe that David B.George, who died at Enid, Oklahoma Territory, was John Wilkes Booth, the man who killed Lincoln.<br>“In 1883, while in the little town of Village Mills, Texas, I met George, although I never knew his name, and cannot say whether he went under that name or not […] “One night I was in the Pickwick Hotel barroom talking to Gen. Albert Pike, who had come down from Washington on legal business[…] “Tom Powell, mayor of Fort Worth, joined us, and Temple Houston, youngest son of the ex-Governor of Tennessee, the man who whipped Santa Anna at San Jaeinto, and the first president of the Texas republic (Gen Sam Houston), was there. I was about to leave, was waiting for a pause in order to excuse myself; […]. I was watching Gen. Pike closely (trying to get away), when suddenly he threw up his hands, his face white as his hair and beard, and exclaimed :<br>‘”My God! John Wilkes Booth!’ He was much excited, trembled like an aspen, and at my sugges-tion went to his room. He seemed weakened by the shock, the occasion of which I could not realize at the moment. I saw him climb the stairs to his room and turned to look for my Village Mills acquaintance, but could not find him.</blockquote>

It may be interesting to note the fact that General Albert Pike may have run into John Wilkes Booth in 1868. Gen. Pike, by the way, was not only the Freemason author of <i>Morals and Dogma</i> but also alleged to be one of the original organizers of the Klu Klux Klan (or “Invisible Empire” as they were known internally). Pike also served as the Grandmaster of the Southern Jurisdiction for the Scottish Rite Lodge in Charleston, South Carolina. In addition he held the foremost post in the Confederate Secret Service. KGC itself were hunted down being believed to be synonymous with the CSS.

Pike, a nativist and affiliated with the Masonic “Know-Nothing” political party, even rewrote Dixie:

<blockquote>“Southrons, hear your country call you! Up, lest worse than death befall you!”</blockquote>

Fairly ironic considering Albert, born in Massachusetts, was born well above the Mason-Dixon line. The head of the Knights of the Golden Circle during the Confederate period was Judah P. Benjamin, incidentally, also the highest-ranking Jew in the Cabinet of Jefferson Davis.

Some legends have it that in 1903 Booth was actually killed by the outlaw Jesse James who killed Booth for breaking Masonic oath of secrecy in regards to the Knights of the Golden Circle (KGC). History tells us that John Wilkes Booth died in Garrett’s tobacco barn in 1865 after being treated by Dr. Samuel Mudd. This is supposedly the origin of the idiom “Your name is mud.” According to some Booth was saved by his brother Knights and lived in Texas after Lincoln’s assassination, working in Granbury under the name of “John St. Helen.”

This theory is supported by Booth’s granddaughter’s book. Izola Forrester’s 1937 volume <i>This One Mad Act</i> asserts that Booth was saved from death by the KGC, and further, that he this had been common knowledge in the Booth family. James Boyd, a confederate agent who resembled Booth, also a Knight of the Golden Circle and Confederate agent posted in the War Department.

How interesting is it then, that if you were to seek some information about these striking coincidences you would amass no more than 9 search results, none of which connect the strange connection of this Confederate Secret Society born out of Scottish Freemasonry and its apparent connection to Kingsmen II.

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