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Virginia Man Forces Woman to Make Love Dogs

A Virginia man is in court this week over allegations he and his girlfriend filmed multiple sex tapes of them having sexual relations with canines.

During the disturbing case, Arthur Anderson Warren was present in the courtroom when prosecutors showed the videos to those present.

In one of the videos Warren could be heard screaming at his then-girlfriend to “shut up and do it” as he filmed a dog performing sex acts on her.

On Tuesday, a Pittsylvania County Judge’s ruling was granted against Warren, and the Chatham man was found guilty and now faces a maximum sentence of five years in prison and a fine of up to $2,500 for the single felony count of bestiality.

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A woman, the former girlfriend of Warren, who investigators say was manipulated and not forced into the sex acts, even though she claims Warren “made her lay there as the dog had sex with her” on Friday received a suspended jail sentence and six months of probation in a plea agreement.

Prosecutors made a deal with her that reduced her felony bestiality charge to a misdemeanor count of cruelty to animals if she agreed to testify against Warren.

During the grotesque trial where Zoophilia was debated by the defense as a legitimate medical condition, two individual videos of the dog having sex with humans were played in the courtroom, as Warren sat with his attorneys holding one hand over his face and did not watch.

“We know that he participated on his own admission and per witnesses’ testimony,” Judge Stacey Moreau said.

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The Pittsylvania County Sheriff’s Deputies say they first found out about a pair of sex videos featuring the dog after the ex-girlfriend accused Warren of trespassing on her property in March, and tried using the bestiality as a means of vendetta against her ex.

Deputies were shocked, and at first thought it was a lover's quarrel. Then they were completely caught off guard when Warren actually confessed to them on the spot about the videos, and claimed both him and his ex girlfriend filmed the videos together in October.

For the initial charge of trespassing, Warren received 30 days in jail sentence for the March crime.

During that time, Sheriff's Detectives seized evidence of the sexual encounters with animals and filed new charges.

His sentencing on the bestiality charge is set for October the 23rd. He is currently being held without bond at SOVAH Health-Danville over unspecified health issues.

“This is a difficult case in many respects. To deal with private sexual acts is distasteful for all who watched,” Defense Attorney Glenn Berger said in his closing argument Tuesday. “We all learned in the sixth grade you don’t kiss and tell.”


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