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South Florida La Quinta Hotel turns into Jerry Springer after Two Women Fight on Camera

White Trash is, well white trash. Sometimes that garbage needs taken out, and for two South Florida women that's exactly what happened.

The internet loves fights and this brawl between two females at the Coral Springs, Florida La Quinta Hotel evolves into a complete beat down by one woman on the other before police arrive to the scene.

39 year old Summer Cortts and 23 year old Colleen Dagg begin the video with a heated exchange of words in the hotel waiting room, screaming profanities at one another.

The smaller woman begins taking off her shoes and jewelry preparing for battle, as hotel staff come closer telling the two women to relax.

Cortts continues to spew her ranting expletives at Dagg while the younger woman is sitting in a chair, and the older woman begins spewing racially charged remarks at the small woman.

The younger Dagg becomes angry and infuriated at the racial comments, before Cortts puts her hands onto Dagg’s face and gets nose to nose.

At this time apparently Dagg has had enough and begins laying devestating blows on Courtts in a free for all fit for the Jerry Springer Show.

Dagg continues to pummel the larger Courtts by grabbing her hair and tossing her face into the floor while continuing the melee of furious punches.

Courtts, knowing she's defeated, pleads with Dagg to stop screaming that she's three months pregnant.

After a completely one sided fight with Dagg brutalizIng the larger woman, a man appears along with hotel staff to pull the two apart.

Soon thereafter police arrive to the scene and stop the chaos. The video is now going viral all across social media.

We cannot confirm if the woman was actually pregnant or if she was just overweight and defeated, <i>but her pride is certainly hurt</i> after this incident.

Police made no arrests.


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