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Participants in a Facebook event are in for a surprise when they find out the organizer of the Patriot Prayer group rally at Crissy Fields has been called off. Tuffy Tuffington took to Facebook Thursday to ask people to bring their dog poop to Crissy Field where the right wing group Patriot Prayer would be gathering. Tuffington wanted to disrupt the Patriot Prayer group rally without actually having to confront them even going so far as to promise to pick up the dog poop afterwards.

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Well now the right-wing group Patriot Prayer has called off the rally on Saturday citing safety concerns. The leader of the event, Joey Gibson, said the group did not feel safe after being vilified by the San Francisco mayor. Gibson said, "After several conversations with the police and understanding, you know, the situation of what’s going on we decided that tomorrow really seems like a setup. It doesn’t seem safe." Gibson also said the group would hold a press conference at Alamo Park to talk about the events that led up to the cancellation. He requested the Mayor provide security after fears the left-wing militants and Antifa would attack them.

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Gibson confirmed the group would also be present at an anti-Marxist rally in Berkeley Sunday saying, “I can tell you for a fact that Berkeley is going to happen, so we’re excited to go into Berkeley. We’re going to put our effort and our resources into Berkeley. We’re extremely excited about that. Berkeley is a better situation because we don’t feel like we’re walking into a trap.” There has not been an official reaction from the counter-protesters who originally brought their dogs poop to Crissy Field, maybe they will try to move the poop to Berkeley.

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Willy "W.L. Fields" Macladdan No. 7162 1503767013

Isn't leaving dog poop in a public park field some sort of finable offense?

wEwwww laddie, the city's budget problems are solved!

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