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Victory for Trump and America : 188 Illegals Arrested in ICE Raid, 90% with Criminal Histories

In another massive victory for the Trump Administration and America in general after 188 Federal Criminals were detained in a major Immigration and Customs Enforcement operation in California.

ICE stated that they commenced a five day long operation this week in the shadows without much assistance from California legislators or municipalities who have insisted on protecting these savage criminals to potentially bolster the Democratic voter numbers.

The raids by ICE detained a whopping 188 illegal aliens with an even more shocking 90% of those apprehended by federal agents having prior criminal convictions.

One has to ask how California can consider protecting so many illegal savages who have actually been convicted of past crimes and never reported those people to federal authorities in order to have them deported.

It's a matter of security and a lack of consideration for the safety of California residents to continue to allow convicted criminals and federal fugitives who violated the law the moment they crossed the border to stay on the lam inside the state of California where they will most likely reoffend.

Federal Agents also saw that of the arrests the majority were men with of 146 of those originating from Mexico alone.

The remaining 42 federal criminals came from El Salvador, Guatemala, Armenia, Honduras, Russia, Thailand, Vietnam, Yugoslavia, Cambodia and the Philippines, according to ICE.

“By taking these individuals off the streets and removing them from the country, we’re making our communities safer for everyone,” David Marin, field office Director for ICE’s Enforcement and Removal operations in Los Angeles said in a statement.

Since President Trump has taken office, ICE said it has arrested more than 41,000 people across the country which is nearly a 40% increase over the same period under the incompetent Barack Obama in 2016.


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