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Men in the U.S. Exploiting Legal Loopholes to Marry Children As Young As 12

Generally, women in the U.S. need to be of the majority age of 18 in order to marry, however, all but three states accept parental or court exceptions to the rule. As such, many men in the country are exploiting such exceptions in state laws to marry minors at such an alarming rate. Such legal loopholes have lead to disastrous misery for many children, especially girls, who become trapped in marriages they did not want with little capacity to fend for themselves.

Aggravating said such already lax allowances is the fact that 25 states have no statutory “floor” which technically allows a child of any age to get married to an adult with certain permissions.

New research from the Tahirih Justice Center reveals that because of such loopholes in state laws and exceptions, more than 200,000 children were married between 2000 and 2015. Many of those girls married adult men.

Jeanne Smoot who wrote the report said: “America really does have a child marriage problem. It hurts children here, just as it does globally, and we are overdue to tackle it.”

The children being married off come from diverse communities, are mostly girls, and face significant hardships before or during their marriages. Some are also being forced to get married to cover up statutory rapes leading to unwanted pregnancies. Others are also forced to marry because their parents could no longer support them. Then there are also those who are married off for the sake of getting dowry. The reasons can vary.

It was also found out that many of the married children fail to graduate from high school, and even fewer get to attend , and much more, graduate from college.

Children who married also tend to display high levels of psychiatric distress, and are at high risk of being the victims of domestic abuse. Young women are also generally more likely to be abused, but that 16-to-19-year-olds experience triple the national average rate of abuse.

Compounding their woes and troubles is the fact that in most cases, the married children lack the legal or financial independence to fight back against their abuses and liberate themselves from the unfortunate circumstances. Some married children lack even the ability to check themselves into shelters for their protection. They can also be picked up by the police as runaways and in many instances would simply be just returned to their spouses. They can have difficulties seeking the help of family and friends as those individuals could be legally charged with laws related to contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

Some states in recent years have been showing an interest to tackle such problem of child marriages. Virginia for one became the first state to enact a law last year that made the legal age 18 the marrying age, with special exception for minors emancipated by ciurts with full adult legal rights. New York and Texas have followed Virginia’s lead earlier this year.


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Anonymous No. 7336 2017-08-31 : 01:45

Where's the fucking problem? Women are a drain on micro and macro economies, makes sense to marry them off young, as long as it isn't to niggers, jews and muslims.

God Sense No. 7729 2017-09-07 : 15:48

This article just shows more proof that the world is getting more & more-wicked.

And what's troubling is that many people refuse to believe Bible prophecy about what will be happening as signs of the end times.

I guess the new thing now is people getting married to anything.

- Now its adults wanting to get married to Children?

- Some people want to marry their pets, (their cat - their dog).

- I heard about a man wanting to marry his computer. (This one is crazy & funny at the same time).

Sounds really sick doesn't it?

It’s a trap & very dangerous to get off track - God gave us boundaries for a good reason. God knows that boundaries help us all not to destroy ourselves.

And many people still think they know what they are doing by acting like God doesn't exist, living outside of God’s life Instructions. The Holy bible (Gods word) have been helping & protecting mankind from our fallen sinful nature for thousands of years & it still works very well for those who still abide by it.

There are so many examples where those who are obedient to Gods instruction have warned loved ones then had to sit back & watch them fall into ruin.

Christ did not come into this world to condemn, but He came to seek those who are lost.

People are lost when they stop listening to God or act like God doesn't exist. Both of those places are a bad place to be in.

So folks let’s not take God’s grace for granted. Grace means, a waiting time period to get our stuff (act) together before Christ returns to judge this world. Those who give their heart to Christ has unmerited favor to let God help them to get their soul right & ready for heaven before Christ returns.

If hearing about Christ returning one day to judge the world puts fear into your heart, then that is a good thing, because that fear will save your soul from going to an extremely hot & bad place of torment when you die.

There is a scripture in the bible that says - The fear of God (respect for God) is the beginning of wisdom.

Are you ready or are you taking Gods Love & Grace for granted?

Be not deceived, we the human race can't just do any old thing that we want to do.

When people catch diseases, become immoral, or go out of their mind because of their foolishness, then sometimes it’s too late to wake-up before that crazy thing cuts one’s life short physically or mentally.

I heard a Minister once say that America has learned to live with demons, & that is what is bringing America down to the place of eventually being judged by God.

Too much evil & wickedness now in America just might be the thing to get America destroyed by a nuclear war. The warnings are in our faces right now. Look at all of the crazy news. All of it is not fake news. Most of the bad news is warnings for America to get our act together before it’s too late.

God always gives warnings before the hammer comes down.

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