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American Record Holding Astronaut Set To Return From Her Longest Stint In Space Yet

While most people never leave the planet's atmosphere, Astronaut Peggy Whitson is finishing out her recording breaking streak in space which beats out all other American astronauts duration in space. She is considered the world's most experienced spacewoman and is coming back to Earth this weekend following a 9.5-month stint in space.

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Adding up all of her space flights brings her to 665 logged days in space, more than 1.5 years in total. Whitson will touch down as usual in a Russian Soyez capsule where she will have a brief layover in Germany before heading home to the disaster stricken city of Houston, Texas. This last trip, which began last November, will be her third space mission. She has also performed more spacewalks than any other woman with a whopping 10 under her belt. Whitson also holds the record for being the first woman to command the space station, twice. In a communication from the space station, Whitson said she is looking forward to pizza and toilets that flush. "Trust me, you don't want to know the details," she said regarding the toilet situation in space.

Thankfully this American hero's home is fine in Houston, but Whitson says she has many friends who were not so fortunate. The Johnson Space Center in Houston remains closed expect for a skeleton crew needed to keep Mission Control operating for the space station. She says that most of her time in space flew by very quickly, but "Once the switch is thrown to go home, time seems to move a lot slower." Whitson says she isn't quite sure what is on her horizon, "I am not sure what the future holds for me personally, but I envision myself continuing to work on spaceflight programs."

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