By: Steve Dellar | 09-03-2017 | News
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Hero Cop Throws Himself On Isis Suicide Bomber To Save Colleagues

Upon hearing this story, I was reminded of a particular scene in the first Captain America movie which comes quite close.

In a bid to save his colleagues, the future Captain America, Steve Rogers, at that time still training as a US soldier, sees a grenade falling off a truck by accident and decides to sacrifice his life to save as many colleagues as he can. In the movie Steve Rogers get lucky as the grenade doesn’t explode. Not so in Algeria yesterday.

There a truly heroic cop decided that the best way to stop an ISIS suicide bomber wanting to detonate his bomb belt and kill as many police officers after entering a local police station, was indeed to throw himself on top of the terrorist.

Quick-thinking officer Taeb Issawi was badly hurt after indeed stopping the terrorist and immediately taken to hospital by his colleagues who all realize they owe their life to him. Unfortunately, Mr Issawi died from internal bleeding not long after. A colleague of Mr Issawi who had also been hurt in the attack, died the next day in hospital.

In an official statement the local authorities said that: “The policeman on duty responded quickly, and one of them, in an act of bravery, threw himself on the assailant at the entrance of the headquarters and lost his life.”

Immediately after all local news channels opening on Algerian TV with this breaking news, the official press agency of ISIS, Amaq said: “A martyr from ISIS detonated a suicide vest close to the Algerian police station in the city of Tiaret.”

Algeria has been a target for ISIS for some time now, especially southern and eastern Algeria, where the terrorist death cult is mostly targeting the police and army.

Already, dozens of armed Islamists have been killed in sweeps by Algerian security forces this year. In retribution, ISIS now attacks local police stations with suicide bombers.


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