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3-Year-Old Grandson of Candidate for Kansas Governor Found Dead Encased in Concrete

Law enforcement in Wichita, Kansas say that the search for a missing 3 year old child has officially ended after they've finally located his remains.

The disturbing case took a darker turn however after investigators say the child's body was found encased inside of a concrete structure at a rental home in Wichita.

While DNA tests are currently underway to confirm that it's the remains of the child police have little doubt, according to Wichita Police Department Lieutenant Jeff Gilmore.

“Child deaths are always difficult cases,” Gilmore said. “The circumstances surrounding this case have been difficult for family, first responders and the community.”

There had been growing concern from the child's father, Carlo Brewer, over his son's safety and security due to the constantly abusive environment the child lived in with his ex, the child's mother, and her current boyfriend.

The child's mother, 35 year old Miranda Miller was subjected to a protection from abuse order back in July where she was supposed to have over the child and ordered to remain in supervised visitations until child protective services could complete an investigation into the child's welfare.

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She however didn't follow the order and fled from authorities who had determined that she possibly left the state with her child, and his been wanted ever since.

Last week however both Miller and her 40 year old boyfriend Stephen Bodine were located and the child's mother was charged with suspicion of aggravated interference with parental custody and the boyfriend was charged on suspicion of aggravated assault charges.

At that time however police still couldn't locate the three year old child which created massive hysteria for the boy's father who said “he knew something was wrong”.

The original petition for a protection from abuse order on behalf of the child came from the father, who said there were multiple reports of abuse in the home dating back more than a year made to the Kansas Department for Children and Family Services.

In the official child protective services filles there are four complaints dating as far back as July of 2016 and as recently as April of this year.

One allegation references an injury to the child's nose and contends the boy was “filthy and without appropriate clothing.”

Another witness statement which is cited in the PFA alleges the boy had been beaten “to the point of death” while in the mother’s care.

The legal documents say a mutual friend of the boy’s parents informed the father back in May that the mother was planning to move to Texas with the boy, even though she had not given the father any notification of such a move which is illegal.

Miller began refusing the father’s visitation time after the dad had the child for a week straight in February.

Brewer wrote in his court petition that he spoke to the mother after that particular visit because he was concerned his son Evan’s behavior was aggressive to other children and that boy was describing signs of abuse at the hands of her boyfriend.

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In the petition Brewer also said that he was no longer allowed visitation with his son after that discussion with his mother.

There also were protection orders filed against Bodine on behalf of the child's father who believed the man was harming his son.

The final protection from abuse order that was entered on July 7th noted that the mother’s whereabouts were currently unknown and that there may be reason to believe she had absconded with the child and may be out of state somewhere in Texas.

However this past Saturday, the landlord at the couple's former home says he was cleaning out the residence after they were evicted and he noticed a concrete structure which wasn't previously in the home and as he approached there was a foul odor coming from it.

Police then removed the structure from the rental home and discovered that inside of the concrete was the shocking remains of the child.

Police said they couldn't say more than to describe what they found as a “structure” and offered almost no specifics because they did not want to compromise the case.

Current Gubernatorial Candidate and former Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer confirmed that the child found, three year old Evan is his grandson.

“We are devastated by the death of our sweet and loving grandson, Evan,” the former mayor said in a statement. He went on to say the family cannot “begin to make sense of this tragedy” and requested from the community both prayers and privacy during this time of grief.


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