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'Suck My D*ck!' - Driver Says before Plowing through BLM

A Black Lives Matter protest in Kirkland,Missouri has local resident who actually have jobs and need to get to and from work fed up.

The likely unemployed welfare recipients who chose to disrupt the public holding signs and stopping traffic never accomplish anything, and most of the time lead to violence or destruction.

Residents however are fed up, including black and whites as well as other ethnicities.

People who live in these neighborhoods just want to provide for their families and live their lives but it seems every other week the lowlifes find some new way to disturb that existence.

<blockquote class="twitter-tweet" data-lang="en"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Man attempts to drive through protesters last night in Kirkwood, MO<a href="">#ConvictJasonStockley</a> <a href="">#AnthonyLamarSmith</a> <a href="">#STL</a><a href=""></a> <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; Rebelutionary Z (@Rebelutionary_Z) <a href="">September 14, 2017</a></blockquote>

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The thugs were once again out in the masses, protesting an officer involved shooting in the now first degree murder trial of former Police Officer Jason Stockley.

Stockley, the former officer that BLM claims to have been marching against, is currently on trial for killing Anthony Lamar Smith after chasing him in 2011.

Stockley shot Smith five separate times and prosecutors argued during the trial that Stockley put a gun in Smith’s car after the encounter.

The verdict is to be expected soon, and those BLM supposedly wanted to ensure a conviction with this march.

What's more amusing though is the fact that instead of parading around the police department or the courthouse they're in neighborhoods disturbing the peace.

Not only do they then appear like low IQ thugs but they harm those in their own community. It's senseless and moronic to be honest.

In the video you can see a man who's clearly fed up with traffic being blocked debating and arguing with the unintelligent Black Lives Matter “protesters” who are effectively holding up working families from getting home.

The man in a white SUV and the BLM group of the protesters talked for a few minutes about the protest and how they were doing more harm than good.

During the incident an officer can be seen approaching the man in the vehicle to ensure that he isn't being harassed or targeted by the lowlifes with their signs, and the driver was then heard on video stating “Nah, I want in this” and the officer walked away.

During the debate between the working man and the losers who are holding up traffic, the driver says, “You're disrupting other people's lives stopping them from getting to where they need to go.”

The BLM thugs respond with, “That's the point of a protest though.”

No Black Lives Matter, it's not. If you had genuine anguish over an officer involved shooting making the public suffer doesn't help your cause.

In fact that's typically the case with BLM, <i>they do more to hurt their cause than help it by acting like ignorant savages</i> in the eyes of the public by shutting down commerce and destroying property.

The white driver then becomes enraged, making the point saying, “I live in Meecham Park! I am a White male living in a Black neighborhood. Suck my dick!”

At the beginning of the video you can see the same SUV driven by the man eventually becoming angry (this takes place after the debate contrary to the way the video is edited) after having trash and rocks thrown at his car.

He then honks his horn repeatedly and drives right through the BLM who chase his car tossing items at it and hitting it with sticks from their signs.

Of course this is being spun as <i>evil white man drives through protesters</i> but that's just not what happened. You can even see what appears to be large object rolling off the man's windshield in the video, which is one of the items thrown at his vehicle.

After the driver stopped, people rushed to the SUV and hit it. The driver then drove away from the scene as the mob of savages approached.

The worst part of the entire event is that the police allow these monsters to disturb the peace. They should round them up and lock them up. It's pretty simple.

No one appeared to be injured in the incident fortunately but of course the left will use this as propaganda.

Now you know the truth.

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Learn To Write No. 8172 2017-09-16 : 03:45

Reading your article, it is hard to take any of it serious at all. With the compulsive name calling and finger pointing in each sentence, all I gather is that you're in front of your computer foaming at the mouth with racial slurs in a tourette's type of manner. Referring to BLM as this one 'type' that's of a racist profiling perspective, it's hard to find your point beyond your empathy for a psychotic white male who loses control and decides to plow through a crowd of "savages" because he's a, uh, hard working guy who's just sick of this protest stuff?

My advice to you in writing articles moving forward. Relax. Please. Then attempt to write what is on your mind for the world to see. Thank you kindly.

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