By: Diana Printz | 12-22-2016 | News

The ‘Global Warming/ Climate Change’ Hoax

President Barack Obama has been pushing so many lies to the American people, one of the narrative that he’s been spreading is on global warming. The President himself has been bluntly pushing this lie that modern humankind activities are warming the planet and adversely affecting the weather at a very alarming rate. As he insinuated that if these modern activities are not curbed, the entire planet will be lost. However, the whole narrative is a complete fabrication.

The very few people who have had the opportunity of possessing an open mind and taking a look at this issue on global warming and climate change has found plenty of evidence that exposes Obama’s narrative as nothing but a hoax against capitalism.

The believers of this Obama’s narrative are entangled in a cult-like religion and this explains why its so hard for anyone to convince them otherwise. The creators of this hoax having one thing in mind, they intend to de-legitimize the greatest economic model on the face of the planet. The U.S. economic model has been so successful that the communist regimes such as China have had to figure it out and as result they’ve experienced a double-digit economic growth.

The Obama’s administration has gone to great lengths in ensuring that the global warming hoax and its agenda is advanced, this comes from the fact that what they’re pushing is neither dire nor true. Part of the strategies that have been employed by Obama included faking waring data, destroying scientists who don’t buy into the idea and firing them in a bid to keep them quiet and dramatically skewing claims that its settled science.

In a report issued by the Free Beacon, a congressional investigation has found out that Obama’s administration intimidated staff at the Department of Energy and fired a top scientist in a bid to advance the climate change agenda. There has also been another report that shows that Obama’s administration ordered top officials to obstruct Congress in a move aimed at advancing the agenda.

In another report released on Tuesday by Rep. Lamar Smith (R., Texas), who is the chair of the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology, Obama administration officials hit back against a top scientist and plotted strategies to block a congressional inquiry surrounding key research into the impact of radiation on the planet.

Obama administration also fired a top DoE scientist who liaised with Congress on the controversial issue after he was frank with lawmakers. The reports also provides loads of evidence that show Obama administration killed legislation in a bid to receive funding for the fierce climate change agenda.

Obama administration also censored information that was given to congress and thus interfered with its ability to critically perform oversight work. Obama’s administration efforts to advance the global warming agenda raise the question it’s an agenda in the first place, instead it should be backed by solid research.

The socialist governments of Europe in collaboration with Obama regime have modelled policies around the fake notion that modern activities are warming the planet. The U.S. economy has had to cover the billions of dollars that the global warming initiative cost, with a worldwide cost of trillions on the combined weight of global warming policies. This has resulted in loss of jobs, wages, and opportunities for millions of people due to this formidable lie.

Trump’s administration has appointed someone to head the EPA which is the agency that Obama used to advance the global warming hoax, this signals that Trump will not be duped by the hoaxers who happen to be in the job-killing business.

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