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#Breaking: Reports that Obama Admin Did Wiretap Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort

New groundbreaking reports tonight flooding in that the United States Government under the previous Obama Administration did in fact wiretap conversations between then Candidate Donald J. Trump and the Trump Campaign Chair Paul Manafort.

The new allegations come amidst controversial suggestions that President Obama and the Department of Justice willingly and knowingly interfered in the Democratic Election Process by giving an unfair advantage to then Candidate Hillary Rodham Clinton and the Democratic National Committee.

Hypothetically, of the United States Government under Obama wiretapped President Trump's former Campaign Chairman Paul Manafort, it would have given the Clinton Campaign an endless treasure trove of knowledge about future plans from the campaign as well as how to counter those attempts by the Trump Campaign in advance, which would undermine our electoral process.

Reports also have suggested that the wiretaps were part of an investigation into alleged work done by Washington Consulting Firms for Ukrainian politicians, but so far those on the left and in the Obama Administration have claimed that no such wiretaps existed to begin with.

So the narrative from the left to try and spin this is going to resemble something like, “The wiretaps were due to ties that Paul Manafort had to foreign governments.”

However, be sure to remind them that President Obama and Loretta Lynch had completely denied the existence of wiretaps ever being placed on the Trump Campaign, so you cannot have your cake and eat it too.

Paul Manafort did indeed have his home searched by Federal Agents through a legally obtained warrant with the suggestion that there may have been offshore accounts Manafort could have transferred money to or from.

So far however there has been no evidence produced to confirm those allegations and now it seems as if that was an attempt to cover up the wiretaps which were illegally made against the Trump campaign.

What it looks like to any impartial expert is that the Obama Administration per the DOJ used their authority to attempt to give Hillary Clinton an advantage during the campaign season and then Obama holdovers inside of the Federal Government trumped up false allegations against Manafort that they knew would produce zero evidence as a cover up attempt for why they placed the wiretaps to begin with.

Monday multiple intelligence community officials have confirmed that Manafort was under a form of surveillance due to a secret Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, or FISA, court order for an FBI investigation into the apparently overhyped consulting work.

According to those same officials the wiretap ended at some point during 2016 due to a lack of evidence against Manafort, and that's likely when this cover-up attempt began.

Contrary to the fact that there was never any evidence found, the FISA Court then issued a renewed order for surveillance on Manafort a second time that began late in 2016 and continued at least through the beginning of this year.

It's obvious, even to a man with both eyes blind, that there is a major deep state backed attempt by both Obama holdovers and plants left behind by the previous Administration to ensure that the truth never comes out, <i>which I fully believe the Obama Administration used their prowess to attempt to steal an advantage for Hillary Clinton</i>

During the same time frame of the now confirmed wiretaps, Manafort was in regular Communication with President Trump.

It's unknown if any of Manafort's personal conversations with Trump were picked up during the surveillance but it would be ignorant to not believe they were monitored albeit we may never know the full context.

Paul Manafort was a political and business consultant and of course he bad international dealings with many nations not just Russia and Ukraine.

There have been vulnerabilities found in all of the reports that Manafort had some illegally dealings with government officials from those two nations which are meant to attempt to shift public opinion that some wrongdoing occurred but again <i>there is zero evidence that anything illegal or even concerning took place</i> which ultimately suggests to me this is a false narrative hit job to cover up the actual wrongdoings of the Obama Administration.

To make matters worse Robert Mueller III, a clear cut globalist puppet, has a hard-on for Paul Manafort and President Trump.

Mueller is the definition of neoconservative and he's not only <a href="">disgraced America on several occasions prior to being appointed as Special Counsel</a> but he continues to embarrass this country's integrity every day he sits in that position.

After Attorney General Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russian Investigation into President Trump's alleged ties due to criticisms from the Democratic Party’s most vocal mouthpieces and the radical Liberal Media, Robert S. Mueller III was appointed as special counsel to oversee the investigation.

Many of the Conservative allies of President Trump on Capitol Hill have touted that such an unnecessary action is a provocation from the left to further discredit and attempt to smear the current administration.

Who benefits from these relentless attacks against the President though, and why? The answer is clear to anyone willing to pinpoint the logic of dragging the administration through the mid further. The Democratic Party (and their allies in the Liberal Media) can keep their base rallied against any future legislation from the President or the GOP by casting an uncertain doubt over his legitimacy.

On PBS’ Newshour earlier this summer, a close confidant of President Trump Christopher Ruddy who is the chief executive of Newsmax Media made a statement. He met with President Trump at the White House on Monday and said that President Trump was wholeheartedly “considering, perhaps, terminating the special counsel.”

Robert Mueller has a long history however of presiding over controversial cover-ups and blatant violations of the Constitution. Not only did he serve under President Bush during the obvious intentional lies that led to the invasion of Iraq, but he's been accused of shutting down 9/11 truths as well.

So let's rewind to the beginning of September in 2001. A week before the devastating attacks of September 11th that would forever change the course of American History, Robert S. Mueller was sworn in as the FBI Director under President George W. Bush.

During the spring and summer of that same year prior to the attacks on 9/11, the intelligence community was given extreme warnings through intelligence gathering on the ground as well as foreign entities that AlQaeda was gearing up for a major attack on US soil. In fact, so many foreign agencies from Russian to British to Israeli intelligence all allegedly told the American Intelligence Community that an attack was imminent. Then September 11th happened. The single most deadly attack on American soil against civilians in the history of the nation. The world was shocked as America's anger raged at the same time it was mourning and feeling sorrow.

Later there would be countless investigations as per what actually occurred and what failures were made by the intelligence community to act upon the warnings they had been granted. In fact, the 9/11 commission referred to the FBI as ‘incompetent’ stating that “the system had been blinking red.” Failures to read, share or act upon important intelligence, which an FBI agent witness termed “criminal negligence” in later trial testimony, were therefore not fixed in a timely manner.

To make matters worse, Robert Mueller shrugged off these failures of the intelligence community instead claiming the warnings were somehow “insignificant”. Yes, America had just suffered the deadliest attack against its own citizens in history and this FBI Director called the warnings “insignificant”.

During a February 2003 letter from FBI Special Agent Coleen Rowley to Director Mueller, she wrote “At this critical point in our country's history I have decided to try once again, on an issue of even more consequence for the internal security posture of our country. That posture has been weakened by the diversion of attention from al-Qaeda to our government's plan to invade Iraq, a step that will, in all likelihood, bring an exponential increase in the terrorist threat to the U.S., both at home and abroad.”

Again internal dismay from FBI Agents that the intelligence they were offering the President on Iraq was indeed a gross miscalculation, and it would only further expand terrorism at home and abroad. Mueller chose to ignore the concerns of his own agency and pushed forward with the Bush/Cheney narrative that Iraq was the enemy which must be invaded.

Later Mueller would go on to encourage the Bush/Cheney ‘War On Terror’ and invasion of Iraq. These very actions have been decided to have been based on completely bogus intelligence and misrepresented facts. Another major failure of the intelligence community under Mueller. Thus failure, however, has cost thousands of American lives, trillions of American dollars, and forever destroyed the Persian Gulf into a hotbed of terrorist training grounds.

In the aftermath of the 9/11 attack Mueller oversaw the round up if over one thousand immigrants into detention as well. All of these one thousand immigrants were later deemed to have simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time. None of them were in fact criminals. So the very attacks used against the President by the left regarding unfair treatment of immigrants are the very actions of the man the left is touting as a hero in Robert Mueller.

Even before his time as FBI Director Robert Mueller had controversy surrounding him. He was Acting U.S. Attorney in Boston during an ongoing cover-up of the FBI’s illegal deals with mobster Whitey Bulger and other high profile informants who committed countless murders and crimes.

At the end of that period, it was finally uncovered by honest judges and actual investigative journalists that US taxpayers footed a $100 million court award to four men framed for murders committed by the FBI operated)Bulger gang. Yes, Robert Mueller oversaw that mishap too.

So would it be fair to assume Robert Mueller is not a man worthy of overseeing a legitimate and unbiased investigation into the President of the United States of America and his administration? Absolutely. Would it be fair to suggest Robert Mueller has a history of corruption and cover-ups? Certainly.

President Trump would be within his rights as a Patriotic and honest American President to terminate Robert Mueller from Special Counsel indefinitely.

Of course the backlash from such an action would be devastating when President Trump still holds the highest office in the nation and must focus on working across the aisle to Make America Great Again.

The situation is so gloomy for the left that they'd rather tirelessly act in a repetitive nature and repeat sweet nothings of propaganda than try and fix the country which needs repaired.

The new reports however show that the Obama Administration has engaged in some form of stacking the deck in the favor of Hillary Clinton with the wiretaps, the problem is that they expected Hillary Clinton to win and all of their corruption be swept under the rug.

Another concerning factor is that many in the GOP seem unwilling to investigate the crimes which were committed by the previous Administration and the Department of Justice.

Either its due to a lack of support in exposing the corruption of the American Government under Obama or possibly due to the lack of desire in displaying the very little integrity which exists in the Democratic election process; yet either way there's a failure to be transparent and honest.

Some would suggest that many in the GOP have skeletons in their own closets, which is one of the reasons they've remained silent in this battle for open truths due to a fear of possible implications or even blackmail of elected officials as we believe is occurring in the case of <a href="">Imran Awan and Debbie Wasserman Schultz.</a>

Manafort was employed with the Trump Campaign between the months of May and August of 2016 as Campaign Chairman.

There has been a nonstop bounty on his head with hit piece after hit piece of fake news to try and de-legitimize President Trump.

Trump has continued to claim and we all agree that President Obama ordered intelligence officials to wiretap Trump Tower.

The Justice Department has continued to deny those claims earlier this summer and said no such evidence exists, but that's because they've likely erased any trace of such evidence from the offices of government.

Thats where the Manafort raid fits in, as a distraction and a cover up for the criminal wrongdoings of Barack Obama.

It began tonight with CNN’s Evan Perez, Shimon Prokupecz, and Pamela Brown reporting that “federal investigators got secret court orders to wiretap Manafort, at first before the 2016 campaign because of an inquiry into his work in Ukraine, and later as part of the investigation into Trump associates’ ties to Russia.”

That's just bullshit. For months they've denied that no FISA request or wiretap existed at all. Make up your damn minds you lying globalist bastards.

Then the second propaganda outlet, the New York Times’ Sharon LaFraniere, Matt Apuzzo, and Adam Goldman reported that “this summer, special counsel Robert Mueller’s prosecutors ‘told Mr. Manafort they planned to indict him.’ They also add the detail that when federal agents searched Manafort’s home in July at the behest of Mueller’s team, they picked the lock rather than announcing their presence in advance.”

Seriously I have to laugh out loud at this. I've repeatedly pointed out that Robert Mueller is a con artist and a liar first and foremost and second he's suppose to simply “oversee an already ongoing investigation” now it's being referred to as “Mueller’s Team” by the failing New York Times?

They're right, it's his <i>hit team</i> designed to execute complete and utter bullshit and perpetually reinforce a lie.

So, the original FISA court order was to surveil Manafort’s alleged business dealings, but it was issued before he got involved with the Trump campaign, as part of an investigation into “work done by a group of Washington consulting firms for Ukraine's former ruling party.”

So it has nothing to do with Trump? These clowns can't even get their stories straight. President Trump was right, this is a witch hunt.


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