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Barack Obama Cries out to Globalists during speech as his Welfare Legacy is Being Erased

I have to admit, anytime Barack Hussein Obama is angry or upset, you know whatever he's crying about is a victory for the American people.

The Kenyan Communist aka Oh-Bama aka Barry Soetoro Criminal in Chief aka soon-to-be-indicted former and still disgraced President of the United States had a lot to say this afternoon.

One big ass mistake America himself, the leader of the Communist revolution, the once divider-in-Chief was giving a speech amongst the Globalist elite today at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation where he cried out in pain as he struck America.

Taking the time to ensure he brought up his disastrous legacy and how it destroyed America from the inside out whilst simultaneously dividing the nation, the Communist leader of the Welfare State kept crying about how America and her stock market have soared since be left office.

Not only did he cry about Lady Liberty once again reaching new heights under President Trump, he made sure to throw a tantrum that his Socialism failed healthcare disaster was also going to be replaced just like he was.

Nevertheless the fact that Obamacare was complete and utter trash and punished the working man while rewarding the lazy welfare recipient; Obummer doubled down on stupidity and said he realized Obamacare “was full of things that still needed fixed”.

Well he's right for once, because it still needs repealed and replaced. Here we are 10 months into morning in America and his cancerous GOP Cuckservative establishment members are still using the typical tricks, but soon enough they'll find out what <i>term limits mean</i> when they're replaced with fresh faces who support President Donald J. Trump.

Obama's last remaining “achievement” in his eyes is the unironically blasphemous titled “Affordable Care Act”, which stands to serve as a reminder of how politicians lie from both parties.

The left and Obama lied when they said if you liked your physician and healthcare provider you could keep them, which has since been proven untrue.

The right lied for nearly eight years when they said they would repeal Obamacare and then added that they'd replace it, which imagine my shock that it hasn't happened yet.

So far both have turned over a new leaf, as in both parties are the dying tree which dropped its entire branches crashing down to the ground with every limb dying since it couldn't adapt.

Enter the Party of Trump, Americans who just want to see this nation of hope and courage become great again.

Obama still touted his failure of a healthcare but as something glorious, then attacking those who wish to undo his legacy without a replacement saying “without any demonstrable economic or actuarial or plain, common-sense rationale, it frustrates”, as in he can't even stand looking in the mirror without realizing that his entire Presidency was a complete joke.

The Globalist event titled the “Goalkeepers” sounds eerily reminiscent of what you probably depict in your head when thinking about the billionaire policy influencers who likely worship moloch and devour the souls of unborn children killed at the hands of planned parenthood before the commit to spreading their degeneracy across the globe through cultural marxism.

"Thousands upon thousands of Americans threw themselves into the collective effort of reforming our health care system. Those of you who live in countries that already have universal healthcare are trying to figure out, 'What's the controversy here?' I am too," Obama said, moments before crying more tears of fake emotions.

"And for the first time, more than 90 percent of Americans know the security of health insurance," Obama continued. "Paying more for insurance of being denied insurance because of a preexisting condition or because you are a woman, that's not a thing anymore. We got rid of that. And people are alive today because of it, and that's progress."

Oh it's progress alright, progressive forcing men and women to pay a Communist penalty because they do not want or need the complete garbage insurance with co-pays and monthly payments as high as their rent mortgages.

Meanwhile Presidents and Congress have the most premium coverage available for themselves and their families, of course paid for by the taxpayers.

"Now, the legislation that we passed was full of things that still need to be fixed," Obama added. "It wasn't perfect, but it was better. And so, when I see people trying to undo that hard-won progress for the 50th or 60th time, with bills that would raise costs or reduce coverage, or roll back protections for older Americans or people with preexisting conditions. The cancer survivor, the expecting mom or the child with autism, or asthma, for whom coverage once again would be almost unattainable, it is aggravating. And all of this being done without any demonstrable economic or actuarial or plain, common-sense rationale, it frustrates."

Obama touted victories of advanced modern medicine and science, somehow trying to tie those into his horrendously dangerous Communist health policy to reinforce his lies.

In fact, <i>Obamacare only raised premiums and payments</i>, whereas private Healthcare providers would have once been able to charge far less for those who needed such treatments.

Not to mention, anyone with the degenerative or terminal illnesses would have been receiving disability and likely SSI, so OFailurecare did those no favors to begin with.

He went on to say, "It may be frustrating that we have to mobilize every couple months to keep our leaders from inflicting real human suffering on their constituents," Obama continued. "But typically, that's how progress is won."

I guess forcing more Americans onto food stamps and welfare living off canned goods and cheap imitation foods because they're unable to work due to the lack of jobs and opportunities isn't suffering to Obama, which underscores the key differences between right and left.

Of course he took an opportunity to swipe at both Patriots and Traditionalists, but what would Obama be without those types of bigoted attacks and temperamental assaults on straight family values?

He expressed concerns with the “rise of nationalism and xenophobia" that he said “have historically prohibited progress”, but makes no mention that the Patriotism and love of country is what built this civilization.

Then again who would expect him to understand what civilization and achievements are when his Administration was responsible for the entitled social justice warrior mentality that hands out trophies for participation versus actual accomplishments.

Once again he had to play that race card, in 2017, which has led the lazy into believing they're oppressed while men and women of color who strive for success soar straight past those who chose to remain on welfare and stay uneducated.

"I was born at a time when women and people of color were systematically, routinely, excluded from enormous portions of American life," Obama said.

Yes, the first African American President somehow says that people of color were “systematically excluded from enormous portions of American life”, and while I could make a thousand jokes here, <i>the audacity of that statement alone and who he is does it justice.</i>

It's a real shame too, because when I was in school growing up we saw no colors. Through the 90s and early 2000s it was a society of unity outside of the inner cities which likely can't be saved and never could.

Those classrooms you'd have white and black and Hispanic students who didn't differentiate based upon their skin in fact we didn't even notice it. We worked together and achieved new heights.

That was before Obama, who made it a point to ensure people not only recognized those differences but also hated one-another because that's how Communist leaders remain in control, turning the people against each other so they don't unite against the corruption.

In his closing statement, "All of this has happened in such a steady march that sometimes we have a tendency to take it for granted," Obama said.

He's right. Take a look at Kenya and Africa in general. HIV and disease and starvation and completely and utter lack of government control with murders and genocides being a common part of daily life.

That's what he wanted for here in America, but freedom loving citizens will never take those Liberties for granted.

Sorry but not sorry Obama, <a href="">no matter how much you're being paid for your hateful and divisive rhetoric,</a> <i>nobody has respect for your or your failures.</i>


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Liz No. 8412 2017-09-21 : 06:06

Well done Red Pill…Was taken here from a link. I've bookmarked and made a note of your name. Looking forward to reading more from you…

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