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Hope Not Hate 'Exposes' Bad Boy of Blue Delft Pottery Charles Krafft

Charles Krafft is the "Bad Boy" of Blue Delft pottery, the porcelain prince of Agit-Prop and the most controversial ceramicist I know of. Krafft has also just made news again. If you've been keeping up at all with the much maligned Seattle based ceramicist, you're probably aware that in the case of Mr. K, as far as the mainstream goes, no news is generally good news.

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Charles Krafft was "outed" by <i>The Seattle Stranger</i> as a White Nationalist and historical revisionist back in 2013, since then he's found out first hand what life is like as a blacklisted artist. Krafft's work, once prized in the gallery world for its technical expertise and thought-provoking "dark humor" has been pulled from galleries, exhibitions cancelled, in some cases, the work was appended with "warning labels."

Mr. Krafft's work has always indulged a very dark sort of tongue-in-cheek humor. Take for instance, his blue delft plates "commemmorating' the firebombing of Dresden. Dresden was, of course, the German town famed for their pottery that was demolished from the skies by Allied troops. Then there are teapots in blue delft featuring such figures as Hitler, Charles Manson, Aleister Crowley and others.

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Krafft has found his way back into the public eye most recently with the "expose" by <i>Hope not Hate's</i> Patrik Hermansson. <i>Hope not Hate</i> seems to be attempting to become the <i>Project Veritas</i> of the left. Hermansson a "young, gay, anti-racist activist from Sweden" has recently released some undercover videos where he has "infiltrated" the London Forum in order to "expose" the alt-right.

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Hermansson describes his visit to Seattle to meet Krafft and <i>Counter-Currents</i> editor Greg Johnson:

<blockquote>The day before the forum I’m invited to an exclusive barbecue in a suburb of Seattle at the house of Charles Krafft, the infamous Nazi ceramicist. His home is a temple to National Socialism. Swastikas cover the walls and Mein Kampf sits on the bookshelf, alongside works by Mussolini, Evola and WW2 paraphernalia.</blockquote>

Hermansson was a little late to the game as far as "exposing" Krafft. In fact, Krafft never made his opinions on history or politics a secret. A fervent anti-Zionist who (like Jewish author David Cole Stein or Jewish professor Norman Finklestein) questions some of the accepted history of the Holocaust. As such, he's been marked with what he terms the "weaponized" labels "White supremacist" and "Holocaust denier."

<h4>Villa Delirium medals by Charles Krafft, available at <a href="">Charles' web site</a></h4>

When Charles Krafft was blackballed he was not only ousted from several social circles but banned from speaking at universities. Infamous as one of the only modern artists to have his own entry at the Southern Poverty Law Center, Krafft is a genuine free speech martyr. His planned exhibition at Stolen Spaces Gallery, Conjugal Visit, was shutdown by SJW's in 2015 who threatened violence if the artist showed.

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If you'd like to help support the work of one of the few right wing leaning artists willing to make waves today, you can pick up anything from signed, <a href="">porcelain shotgun shells and signed rifle bullet necklaces</a>, <a href="">banners and pennants</a> and <a href="">Villa Delirium Medals</a> to larger pieces like the Diasterware Delft plates or weapons ranging from guns, knives, grenades and rockets to molotov cocktails from the Porcelain War Museum.

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Anonymous No. 8451 2017-09-22 : 00:14

Is the point of this shitty article to shill some controlled opposition faggot living in Washington?

Anonymous No. 8454 2017-09-22 : 01:23


Get in the oven anti-trumper

Anonymous No. 8457 2017-09-22 : 02:49

8451, this is Phil. I wrote the article. It came to my attention because I have a Google Alert for my artist friend's name since he's had continuing struggles personal and professional since 2012.

Sorry you didn't dig the article. I'll try harder next time though, promise :P

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