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Monster Crocodile Found Dead From Gunshot To The Head, Authorities Searching For Killer

Police released an image of a monster reptilian they found with a single shot in the head in a river near a populated area.The photo shows a dead 5.2-meter king crocodile stretched out on a very large trailer. The Director of the Department of Environment and Heritage Protection Conservation and Biodiversity Operations, Michael Joyce, said the crocodile was found on Thursday (September 21, 2017) near Alligator Creek. Mr. Joyce went on to say, "People need to clearly understand that the death of this animal has changed the balance of the crocodile population in the Fitzroy and we can expect increased aggressive activity by younger male crocodiles."

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He made it appear like it was a problem the crocodile was killed, "That's because they will be competing to take the dominant position which is now vacant." Joyce said wildlife officers would be actively monitoring the crocodile activity in the area since and promoting the Queensland Government's Crocwise safety messages since there will be a high chance of increased aggressive behavior as the crocodile community sorts out its new leader. Joyce himself didn't even have a time frame, "We don't know at this stage how long it will take for the balance of the population to be restored so my urgent message to everyone in the Rockhampton area is to be extremely careful and to report all crocodile sightings as soon as possible on 1300 130 372."

The authorities believe the monster crocodile died sometime in the past 48 hours. The carcass has been taken by police as evidence and they will forensically examine it further. It is a crime under the Nature Conservation Act of 1992 to kill an estaurine crocodile without the authority to do so. The authorities urged people to call if they were threatened by crocodiles, "Rather than take matters in to your own hands I would urge anyone who is concerned about a crocodile in the Fitzroy River system to contact EHP as soon as possible on 1300 130 372." To show how rare a crocodile of this size is, here is a photo 4.8 meter crocodile shot near Port Alma in 1963:

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Anonymous No. 8481 2017-09-22 : 09:49

To the Touchy-Feely snowflake crowd.

WAKE UP !!!! It is 18 ft long, weight likely 1000+ lbs, eats People and other 4 legged meaty things, like family pets.

I'd put a bullet in its head, if it was swimming in my river where I fish and boat or in my yard.

Then I'd invite the neighbors and family over for some roasted Gator Tail

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