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End Times for Pope Francis? Traditional Catholics say he is Guilty of Heresy ​

Pope Francis is one of the most unpopular Pontiffs to ever hold the title, and in fact his ideals and acceptances of much of today's degeneracy has called for his removal by those who promote traditional values.

Much of the so-called Catholic family structure and core values have been depleted in recent decades, amidst the never-ending stories of Priests, Cardinals, and even the closest of advisers to the Pope inside the Vatican being charged with pedophilia related crimes against prepubescent children and the committing of rapes and molestations as well as the cover-ups that ensue thereafter.

A large group of what are considered to be known as <i>Conservative Catholics</i>, including theologians, academics, and Priests from all across the globe have now issued what's known as “filial correction” to Pope Francis, accusing him of spreading Heresy from the Holy See.

Such a move is shocking in the history of the Vatican, and indeed has not occurred since the year 1333, a little less than 700 years ago.

The group says the statements are from <i>”Spiritual Sons and Daughters”</i>, in reference to themselves, issued to their <i>”Holy Father</i>, in reference to the Pope.

The last time such an order was issued back in 1333, it was against Pope John XXII in a backlash over his view that the souls of the just, even after their perfect purification in Purgatory, did not enjoy the <i>Beatific Vision</i> of God. Only after the resurrection of the flesh and the general judgment would they be raised by God to the vision of the Divinity.

In short, Pope John XXII suggested that after death one would not enjoy the presence of God until the Last Judgement, which resulted in his charge of Heresy.

However in 2017, we face a much different set of circumstances. Pope Francis has alleged that women who are divorced may receive communion, something that the traditional theologians stand firmly against.

Various factions amongst international Catholicism have stood firmly against the Pope's Amoris Laetitia, which included the possibilities of remarried Catholics being part of the Communion with the Church.

Pope Francis has also embraced homosexual marriage, and that's been a keynote of the anguish against him from Conservative Catholics who outright repute such an embrace.

As if these claims were ambiguous enough, which many strongly feel the Papacy is incorrect over, especially by allowing the embrace of homosexuality, there comes the gripping concerns over the brutal and barbaric child sexual scandals in which needlessly continue whilst the Vatican under this Pope continued to cover-up.

In fact earlier this month The Goldwater reported <a href=""><i>”Pope Protects Pedophile Priest with Diplomatic Immunity Recall to Prevent State Department Charges.”</i></a>

In that particular case, the US State Department said that the Vatican was protecting a pedophile high profile Priest with Diplomatic Immunity by recalling him to the Vatican to avoid further investigation or charges.

That Priest, who has remained unnamed as per the Diplomatic Immunity was working inside of the Vatican’s Embassy in Washington, DC had violated federal law by possessing child pornography.

The State Department also said that many of those images included those of prepubescent children, engaging in the forced sexual behavior.

Yes, a Priest who was working in the Nation's Capital, inside of the Vatican’s Embassy actually had images of sexually abused children who had not yet hit puberty.

Not that many people needed another reason to be disgusted by the Catholic Church albeit this Pope specifically and the Vatican, look no further than their top ranking Priests around the globe.

In June, it became crystal clear to the world that <a href="">Cardinal George Pell was facing charges of child sexual abuse in Australia</a> for his crimes after Victoria State Police Deputy Commissioner Shane Patton said that their Police have issued a summons to Pell to appear in an Australian court to face multiple charges of “historic sexual offenses”.

Of course that wasn't the only major occurrence in 2017, oh no, there's much more.

<a href="">German Cardinal Gerhard Mueller, who was found guilty of sexual abuse,</a> was supposed to head the office which handled child sex abuse allegations and failed to follow through on at least a two thousand of those cases. Absolutely disgusting.

Let's also not forget that Vatican Police kicked in the doors to an apartment at the former Palace of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (or Holy Office) which is not far from the Vatican City.

In that case, <a href="">Secretary to Cardinal Francesco Coccopalmerio, the Head of the Pontifical Council for Legislative texts and a personal adviser to the Pope directly was the subject of the investigation</a> and was accused of having a homosexual and drug fueled gay orgy.

Just what the hell is going on in the Vatican and around the Catholic Church in general? It's as if some demonic pedophile cult is in complete control, and little to nothing ever comes of these crimes.

In fact it's so normalized now that I believe people just expect Catholics to be pedophiles, which is a stunning turn of events for a nonprofit religious organization.

It's no wonder that the group has garnished 62 high profile signatures against the Pope, who continued to promote such degeneracy and heretical crimes whilst overseeing one of the world's most powerful organizations.

In their 25 page letter, the group states, “We do not have the right to issue to Your Holiness that form of correction by which a superior coerces those subject to him with the threat or administration of punishment,” the group writes. “We issue this correction, rather, to protect our fellow Catholics, and those outside the Church, from whom the key of knowledge must not be taken away.”

Cardinal or licitly ordained bishop, with the highest ranking churchman listed as Bishop Bernard Fellay, the leader of the Society of Saint Pius X (SSPX), a group which is in an irregular legal relationship with the Church.

Other signatories include both the former Director of the Vatican Bank, Ettore Gotte Tedeschi, Mgr Antonio Livi, Dean Emeritus of the Pontifical Lateran University, and Mario Caponnetto, a University professor based in Francis’ homeland of Argentina.

Six of those supporting the move are also based in the UK, and include Dr. Joseph Shaw, a Philosophy Lecturer and Chairman of the Latin Mass Society in the UK, the British Superior of the SSPX, Friar Thomas Crean, a dominican theologian and Friar Serafino M. Lanzetta, a Priest in charge of St. Mary’s, Gosport, in the Diocese of Portsmouth. Dr. Shaw’s name is also listed as the direct contact for press enquiries regarding the correction.

Cardinal Raymond Burke who with three other Cardinals earlier this summer submitted a series of questions which are known as “dubia” to the Pope over “Amoris Laetitia”, a text he produced following two synod of Bishops gatherings.

The traditionalist call this a <i>”Crisis in Francis’ Papacy”</i> in which they say has occurred due to the influence of ideas from Martin Luther, the Augustinian Monk who sparked the Protestant Reformation, and modernism, a notion that the Church has not received divinely inspired truths from the Pope.

The signatures issued in the letter are considered the formal part of their correction, and were written in Latin, the official language of the Church, and say they feel compelled to do so <i>“by natural law, by the law of Christ, and by the law of the Church.”</i>

While the group admit they cannot judge the Pope on whether he has personally committed the <i>“canonical crime of heresy”</i>, they argue the Petrine office is being <i>“so used that a way is opened for heresy and for schism.”</i>

It appears as if this pedophile promoting and obligatory house of degenerate cards is collapsing around itself, with the Pope front and center.

What happens next is anyone's guess, but many Conservative Catholics have stated that Pope Francis isn't a legitimate Pope, as per the words of Jose Galat, Director of the Great Colombia University and Teleamiga television network, who has said <i>”Pope Francis is a False Prophet paving the way for the Antichrist.”</i>

Unironically, <a href="">Vladimir Putin is alleged to have echoed those remarks</a> similarly saying that Pope Francis was a False Prophet.

President Trump has infamously criticized this Pope as well, albeit he did meet with him earlier this year; but it truly is remarkable that such crimes against children and blatant disdain for tradition in the Catholic Church can continue.


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Anonymous No. 8707 2017-09-26 : 11:32

The Catholic Church needs abolished. They are the reason for the majority of the world's pedophiles.

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