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‘Womb-Raider’ Slits Pregnant Bride's Throat, Steals Baby via Crude C-Section

The woman was blooming, excited and pregnant as she was set to marry the man of her dreams and the father of her unborn child that one fine day. But what should have been one of the happiest days in her life turned into a nightmare and the most tragic event when her childhood acquaintance methodically butchered her. The attacker made sure she would be unable to move or scream by disabling her preventing her from meeting her waiting groom.

Angelique Sutton was on her way to marrying Patrick Bradley at the courthouse when she was lured into first dropping by the house of childhood acquaintance Ashleigh Wade from Bronx to receive a gift. Bronx prosecutors said that unknown to the pregnant bride, Wade already had a sinister, well-laid plan to kill her “friend”, and keep the unborn baby alive.

It was definitely not an accidental murder, or a spur of the moment crime but according to Assistant Bronx DA Meredith Holtzman it was an attack “that took place in stages”. Holtzman told the jury the gruesome details of the crime perpetuated by Wade who feigned her own pregnancy months prior to her evil murder execution. The Assistant DA said: “The defendant cut Ms. Sutton’s larynx- her voice box. Ms. Sutton could not scream, could not say a word. She cut her major blood vessels.”

The unimaginable happened next. With her victim unable to to move and speak, Wade then took a kitchen paring knife and sliced the victim’s abdomen open at the bottom half.

Holtzman continued her narration: “Once she had cut Ms.Sutton’s abdomen open, the defendant cut Ms. Sutton’s uterus entirely out. She cut the uterus open, took baby Jenasis out, and discarded that uterus on the bathroom floor.”

Stomach-churning graphic photos of the crime scene were shown to the jurors hearing the first-degree murder trial. The photos show the blood-drenched scene and the mangled remains of the bride including even a photo of the solitary, deflated uterus left on the bathroom tile.

The baby survived and is now 22-month-old and the prosecutor said the fact that the child survived the incident is further “proof of the calculation and precision of the attack.”

Holtzman is convinced that Wade planned the murder months ahead, and precisely intended for the bride to die, and for the baby to live whom she thought she could later claim as her own. Holtzman added how sick Wade was:”She had baby clothes, baby shoes, diapers, formula, a crib, everything that an expectant mother would need, except a baby. She didn’t have a baby. For that she needed Angelikque Sutton.”

Wade’s defense attorney Amy Attias suggested that her client did not “intentionally” kill Sutton and that something must have gone wrong with Wade’s mind. She also tried to destroy the argument that the crime was meticulously and deliberately planned and executed, because to her the fact that the crime happened in Wade’s home means that if it were her plan all along to kill Sutton, then it would have been a “pretty bad plan.”

Sutton’s groom and parents were inside the courtroom and had to painfully listen to the grisly details of their loved one’s murder.

Wade faces life prison sentence without the possibility of parole if convicted.


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Matthew No. 8740 2017-09-27 : 00:48

She deserves death penalty for this.

Anonymous No. 8741 2017-09-27 : 01:24

I don't believe you i want to see the pictures

Anonymous No. 8746 2017-09-27 : 03:28

Fucking niggers.

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