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Fake News Writer Who Criticized Obama Found Dead Under Mysterious Circumstances

One of the leading individuals in the fake news genre has been found dead just outside of Phoenix, Arizona. An autopsy was performed on Paul Horner's body which was found deceased in his bed at the age of 38 on September 18th. Mark Casey, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office spokesman, said that the autopsy revealed no signs of foul play. He also added that Horner had a history of prescription drug abuse and that "evidence at the scene suggested this could be an accidental overdose."

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Horner had gained notoriety with his tendency to post fake news, but his unexplained death leaves one wondering if something he did or said lead to his murder? Perhaps Horner's story accusing President Barack Obama of being both gay and a radical Muslim drew the attention of the democratic leaders. Or could it have been his article saying protesters were being paid thousands of dollars to demonstrate at Donald Trump's campaign rallies, which has since been proven to be true? We may never know but there is a long list of suspicious deaths of people who either worked closely with previous presidents and politicians or criticized them winding up dead under mysterious circumstances.

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According to Horner's brother, J.J., Paul always considered his work to be satire and was often surprised when other news agencies picked up his stories without fact-checking them. He explained that Paul had an interest in hoaxes and hypocrisy from a young age and this later lead to his success in the world of internet click bait." J.J. said, "So I think that was a lot of the genius behind a lot of his work was pushing ideas that either people wanted to believe or thought was possible. I think he just wanted people to just think for themselves and be credible for their actions."

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Anonymous No. 8757 2017-09-27 : 07:30

hmmm, interesting story…

Anonymous No. 8770 2017-09-27 : 10:39

If CNN said he was offering fake news, then the news was true. CNN has been caught staging news & actually lying during broadcasts with regularity.

This article is a joke. Obama is a homosexual and was well known in Chicago bathhouses. Unfortunately some of his former partners also died under supposed drug overdoses. Obama, Aka Barry Soetoro, has been a Muslim throughout his life - not a Christian. Soros is paying people to protest. The evidence of this, including the Craigslist ads, have been found & documented, around the U.S. Spend some time researching and you will find the truth, How lazy do you need to be to not take the time to fact-check the continual stream of lies that have become common from the media. This site did not even do its research on Paul Horner's claims. Lazy people. Where have the "journalists" gone.

Forrest Mosby No. 8773 2017-09-27 : 12:06

The Entity-Known-As-Obama isnt even a citizen….he has no friggin Social Security Number….letting him even run under such circumstances shows the entire system was rigged to get him into play to kill this country….he did a damn fine job of it too

McKaila No. 8774 2017-09-27 : 12:38

Strange how so many people who simply spoke out against the Obama's 'mysteriously' died. Why does Joan Rivers immediately come to mind? Oh, but she too just happened to die shortly after declaring BO was gay and 'Michael,' (BO's publicly declared name for his 'wife,' Michelle) was a tranny. FACT check also proves that George Soros funds violent protesters. I'd say Horn's book, ' The Black House,' is what got him murdered. Might as well have called it 'The 'Rainbow House.' Yea sure, Paul died of a Rx drug overdose….go on taking that 'BLUE PILL."

W No. 8777 2017-09-27 : 13:33

This crap story is about crap stories. Good work, douchenozzle.

Arizona No. 8795 2017-09-28 : 00:28

AMERICA NO LONGER WANTS FREEDOM,they want a DICTATOR,GOD sent trump to Save america,THEY WANT SATAN,..SO their wish has been GRANTED,Trump will be removed and OBAMA will become the WORSE DICTATOR IN HISTORY,and ALL of samerica will celebrate his return to power,BUT just for a short while,THEN the worse bloodbath in history will begin in the streets of america,GET GLUED TO THE LORD AMERICA,your going to be standing Face to Face with him here shortly….

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