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5 out of 7 Tennessee Governor Candidates Support Medicinal Marijuana

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Tennessee is inching closer to possibly opening the door to legalization of medical marijuana for qualified patients. At the moment, proposals do not include any plans for recreational usage and the controls (from seed to plant) would be overseen especially vigilantly. Though the 2017 legislative session in Tennessee has ended, a task force to look into the possible benefits and risks will carry on into the 2018 legislative season.

<a href="">5 of the 7 gubernatorial candidates (including three Republicans) support use of medical marijuana in certain specific cases. Former Nashville Mayor Karl Dean, a democrat, has also voiced his support for cannabis. Nashville and Memphis for a time had decriminalized possession, leaving personal possesssion of marijuana as a civil infraction similar to a speeding ticket.

Former Nashville Mayor Dean had this to say:

<blockquote>"When the medical profession says there's an identifiable, concrete reason why this could help with someone's care, I think that should be permitted. I certainly would not want the state, if there's medical evidence and the medical profession supporting it, standing in the way of people receiving relief from their suffering."</blockquote>

Before you get too excited, be aware that for the moment the cannabis laws suggested would likely <a href="">not allow marijuana to be consumed through smoking.</a> Certain of the supportive candidates for Tennessee governor also insist that the Federal government would have to approve. Considering for the moment, medical and recreational marijuana only exist through the grace of State's rights, this could be a ways in the working. That said, for a state that's at least a loop on, if not part of the buckle of the Bible belt, this is a tremendous step.

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