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Jewish Netflix Children's Series 'Big Mouth' Promotes Pedophilia, Homosexuality, Child Masturbation

A new apparently Children's Animated Series on Netflix called “Big Mouth” promotes multiple types of disgusting degeneracy.

The film, by Jewish creators Andrew Goldberg and Nick Kroll, will have some people coming to it's defense saying that it's not targeting children; or that it's somehow meant for adults.

Let's do a quick rundown to explain why that's incorrect.

The show is about prepubescent children who are coming of age, and eventually hit puberty.

There are ten episodes in the series, many of which have perverse titles such as, <i>”I survived Jessi's Bat Mitzvah”</i>, <i>”Ejaculation”</i>, <i>”Everybody Bleeds”</i>, <i>”Am I Gay”</i>, <i>”Requiem For A Wet Dream”</i>, <i>”Girls Are Horny Too”</i>, <i>”Sleepover: A Harrowing Ordeal of Emotional Brutality”</i>, <i>”The Pornscape”</i>; just to name a few.

In the first episode there's a degenerate scene showing a 12 year old boy full-frontal naked. Yes, I'm serious.

Now, again I ask you how is this targeted to adults? What type of adult wants to watch puberty aged children in sexualized situations? They don't, and unless you're a pedophile this should disgust you.

It takes cultural marxist left wing Hollywood toilet humor to new lows, perhaps best belonging in the sewer to begin with.

This seems like a way to normalize pedophilia, if not another disgusting tactic to indoctrinate young children and their parents into accepting such a horrendous act.

Unsurprisingly, leftist media outlets alongside television and film review sites are giving this show phenomenal ratings and trying to amplify it towards the general public.

Any parent or civilized human being should be raising hell over this, and I assume most parents have already thrown Netflix into the trash a year ago with their Anti-White bigotry; but if you haven't, now is the time.

Both <a href="">Nick Kroll</a>

and his partner in crime <a href="">Andrew Goldberg</a> are vile human beings for this heinous series, and in a normal society someone who tried to subversively animate this type of normalization of pedophilia would face backlash.

Reject this attempt at indoctrination which normalizes pedophilia and degeneracy.


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4 Comment/s
Nazism is east No. 93742 2019-02-05 : 05:39

That's bullshit your motherfuckers

Anonymous No. 93806 2019-02-11 : 16:16

Wtf its literally rated TV-ma😂

Michael Posch No. 95053 2020-03-23 : 08:34

Good on you for ousting this degenerate trash. It belongs in the garbage like all jewish subversive smut. Anyone defending this show or the creators is disgusting. And if its rated MA, why would you want to look at animated kid genitals???

Anonymous No. 95054 2020-03-23 : 14:51

It’s disgusting, fuck Netflix and fuck jewish filth shows. Don’t even play the don’t be prejudice role either they get off on that fuckery. If having 12 year olds genitalia and masturbation shown to grown ass adults is rated MA you have problems.

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