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Left-Wing Nutjob Jimmy Kimmel Attacks Christians and NRA While Simultaneously Hiring Armed Security

Yeah, we know the same old song and dance from Hollywood and the entertainment center; it's attack America, attack Whites, and fan the flames of racial tensions and political indifferences for ratings.

They're not comedians, they're not actors; but they are cultural marxist provocateurs who are overpaid and out of touch.

Jimmy Kimmel, the marxist mouthpiece of ABC and the Democratic Party, went on his show tonight in an opening monologue that could have been great.

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A tearful Kimmel started out mentioning the tragedy in Vegas, where he's located; and had the potential for unity in remembrance and honor of the 500+ wounded and 59 killed in the tragedy of the shooting which occurred.

Of course though, Kimmel poked and prodded through his act as a sorrowful American and had to then use his platform to attack Christian Conservatives and the second amendment.

Kimmel quickly broke through his acting role playing onto to people's heart-strings, pretending to have compassion flat first only to rant about Gun Control and how the events and tragedies of mass shootings.

Senator Majority leader Mitch McConnell and Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and a number of other lawmakers – who won’t do anything about this because the NRA has their balls in a money clip – also sent their thoughts and prayers today,” Kimmel continued.

“Here are faces of the Senators who, days after the shooting in Orlando, voted against a bill that would have closed those loopholes,” Kimmel said as he placed photos of all 56 on the screen. “These are the 56 Senators who did not want to do anything about that.”

He went as far as saying “So, with all due respect, your thoughts and your prayers are insufficient. By the way, the House of Representatives will be voting on a piece of legislation this week. It’s a bill to legalize the sale of silencers. For guns. This is what they’re working on.”

Not once did he mention Chicago, of course, nor did he mention any of the inner city violence which occur from illegal gun purchases made by criminals.

Oh no, Kimmel made sure to point out that the Vegas shooter had no criminal background and was legally able to obtain a weapon.

Guess what Jimmy, there's millions of legal gun owners who don't use those weapons to harm other people, and millions of criminals who have violated the law using unlawfully obtained firearms who shoot and kill on a daily basis.

Let's talk about Chicago, let's remember that every two minutes a person is shot there due to never-ending gang violence where gun control is literally some of the toughest legislation in the nation.

Your argument is invalid Kimmel.

Let's talk about your continued support for the Democratic Party and the Resist Movement that is Anti-Trump and Anti-GOP on every issue.

Jimmy Kimmel has made no bones about the fact that he's trying hard to push to Dave Obamacare for his good buddy Barack Hussein Obama; and ever since he's attempted to use his platform to push a political mantra he's encountered protesters daily.

As part of his undying fear of those Christian, God-fearing Americans on the right wing, Jimmy Kimmel has hired highly-skilled mercenaries and off duty police officers who are armed to defend his show and protect him.

That's right Jimmy, once again your argument is invalid and people can see through your hypocrisy.

You're supposed to be an entertainer, but I assume that's difficult when you lack the skills to make people laugh. Maybe try harder?

Remember Jimmy Kimmel is the man who consistently had on his show both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton and foamed at the mouth over both.

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He has a history of making racist remarks towards Asians as well as Anti-White sentiment, another time attacking the parents of children who were damaged by vaccinations to cause deformations; many of which have resulted in protests.

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Hell he began his rise to fame talking about beer and women's breasts on “The Man Show”.

Now he's suddenly some sort of moral authority in America?

Jimmy, do the world a favor and shut your mouth. Seriously.

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By the way Jimmy, Donald Trump is still the President of the United States of America tonight, tomorrow, and every day thereafter for the next 7 and a 1/2 years. Remember that when you go to sleep.

What happened in Las Vegas is a tragedy, but what will happen if Gun Control is enacted in some form is Americans who legally can obtain firearms and follow the laws of the land will then be subject to crimes committed against them by those who do not without defense.

It's never going to happen Jimmy, your marxist wet dream is simply that~ a fantasy which doesn't and will never exist.

Not in my America. Not in this America. Not in these United States of America.

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Mitchell Jacob No. 9063 2017-10-03 : 06:25

Kimmel is boring.

Anonymous No. 9076 2017-10-03 : 10:13

I fucking hate Kimmel

Anonymous No. 9091 2017-10-03 : 16:48

Kimmel is a hack.

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