By: Kyle James | 10-03-2017 | News
Photo credit: LMVPD

New Police Body Cam Footage Shows Chaos During Las Vegas Shooting

The bravery of the Las Vegas police who worked to quickly locate and neutralize the Las Vegas gunman on Sunday night was captured on body camera. The dramatic video shows how police officers struggled to locate where the shots were coming from on that tragic night on the Las Vegas strip.

Federal investigators revealed the Las Vegas shooter had special devices which modified 12 semi-automatic rifles to fire at a fully-automatic rate. Special Agent in Charge Jill Schneider gave a press conference Tuesday in which she told reporters that Stephen Paddock had nearly 50 guns in three locations. The weapons were ranging from shotguns to pistols and rifles. The modification Paddock had done to the weapons is called a "bump stock." It is a legal device which allows a weapon to fire at a near fully-automatic rate.

Before the deadly attack, the gunman transferred a total of $100,000 overseas to the Philippines but it is unclear at this time who the exact recipient was. The shooting killed a total of 59 people and has been named the deadliest mass shooting in modern U.S. history.

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