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Additional Charges for Tennessee Thug who Kidnapped 12-Year-Old and Trafficked Her for Sex

Law enforcement from several states say that 36-year-old Tavarie Williams is not only a well known thug but a demented pedophile and child sex trafficking kidnapper.

In August of last year Williams was arrested for picking up a 12-year-old girl in San Antonio, Texas with the promise of giving her a ride back to her house.

Investigators say that's not what happened though, with the savage criminal then forcing the girl to ride along to Tennessee where he not only raped the girl on repeated occasions but forced her into commercial prostitution for his own profit for over a month straight.

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The terrifying horror that the young girl endured she says includes <i>”pain and suffering”</i> both mentally and physically from the trauma endured during that month where Williams made her have sex with several men losing her innocence forever.

After receiving tips to her whereabouts, the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation raided the hotel room where Williams was keeping the girl prisoner, and finally freed her from the clutches of the savage.

Originally law enforcement has charged Williams with two counts of trafficking for a commercial sex act, but now Prosecutors are increasing those to twelve individual counts against the evil man.

Included with the new charges are two counts of especially aggravated kidnapping and three counts of rape of a child; all of which the young girl told Detectives occurred during her imprisonment.

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Williams is now set for an additional hearing in a Davidson County Courtroom this Thursday.

While no amount of imprisonment will ever remove the horror that this twelve year old child endured at the hands of this monster it most certainly hopes to ensure that Williams never again walks this Earth as a free man.

Child Sex Trafficking is a serious occurrence in America, and it's one that the mainstream media nearly refuses to cover or talk about.


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Is this suspect an NFL star?…just wondering

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